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The Hain Celestial Group Informative

No description

Andrew Pruchinski

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of The Hain Celestial Group Informative

The Hain Celestial Group
Presentation One: Informative
Andrew Pruchinski

Company History
Business Overview
Corporate/Social Responsibility
Brands and Products
The Inception...
Irwin Simon began 21st Century Food Products in 1993...
...with the objective of buying specialty food companies that were mismanaged or not realizing their potential

Simon purchased Kineret for $2 million
Acquired Tree Tavern and Barricini Foods
The company went public November 1993
Hain Food Group
Acquired Hain Pure Food in 1994
Expansion continued with additions such as Arrowhead Mills, Deboles Nutritional Foods, Terra Chips, and Garden of Eatin'
The Hain Celestial Group
Acquired Celestial Seasonings in 2000
Between 2000 and 2010, more than dozen acquisitions took place
Ella's Kitchen (2013) & Tilda (2014)
The Hain Celestial Group's Mission Statement
"Our mission is to be the leading marketer, manufacturer and seller of organic and natural products by exceeding consumer expectations in providing quality, innovation, value and convenience. We are committed to growing our Company while continuing to implement environmentally sound business practices and manufacturing processes."

This past quarter, Hain recorded $535 million in net sales
Net sales for fiscal year 2013 was $1.73 billion (25.9% increase)
Gross Profit for fiscal year 2013 was $474.9 million (24.2% increase)
Hain Celestial Group Business Segments
The United States
The United Kingdom (including Ireland)
United States Sales and Distribution
Customers include natural food distributors, supermarkets, natural food stores, mass-market retailers, e-tailers, and club stores
Direct Sales Force Teams for Significant Customers
Retail Sales Force for Natural food stores
A significant portion of products are sold through independent food distributors who resell to retailers
International Sales and Distribution
In the United Kingdom and Ireland, products are sold to retailers, convenience stores, food service providers, business-to-business, natural food distributors, club stores, and wholesalers
In Canada, products are sold to grocery supermarkets, club stores, natural food distributors, person care distributors, drug store chains, and food service providers
In Europe, customers primarily consist of organic food stores
Marketing & Partnerships
Consumer advertising and promotions include national and regional magazine and social media advertising, couponing, in-store product demonstrations, and sampling in club stores
The Earth's Best Brand has an arrangement with PBS Kids and Sesame Street
JetBlue Airways
New York Knicks
Citi Field
Charities & Foundations

Feed the Children
Feeding America
the Browery Mission
the Robin Hood Foundation
the City Harvest
Vitamin Angels
Protos Project
Clear on-pack communication with stringent standards for labeling products 'natural'
Since 2009, Hain has participated in the Non-GMO Project
99% of Hain's food products are made from non-GMO ingredients
Out of Hain's 2,100 organic products worldwide, over 500 of them have been enrolled in the verification process
The Product Portfolio
Personal Care
Flower and baking mixes
Cold and hot cereals
Nut Butters
Gluten Free Line
Gluten Free Line
Infant and Toddler Food
Kids breakfasts, frozen entrees, and apple sauce
natural and organic culinary oils
nutritional supplements
award winning meatless, low fat and cholesterol free products
#1 Organic tortilla brand
Veggie Straws and Chips, Pita Bites, and Bagel Tops
Potato and Vegetable Chips
Over 70 varieties of herbal, green, wellness, white, red, and chai teas
Kombucha and ENERJI Green Tea Energy Shots
Partnership with Green Mountain Roasters
Personal Care
Products include skin, hair, and oral care, deodorants and baby care items
Thank You
Any Questions?
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