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Final Project: Design Thinking

No description

Catherine Dudley

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of Final Project: Design Thinking

Original Nine Ideas
1. Maintain Healthy Diet
2. Car Maintenance Hassel
3. Attending appointments during the day when you are at work
4. Electronic Prescription Solution
5. Airport Travel
6. Airplane Meals
7. Food Alternative for long term camping/ hiking
8. Athletic product line including high-tech cameras on athletic equipment
9. Unbreakable Phone
Original Ideas

>Create a list of issues/ problems

>"Thought out loud"-wrote down everyone's ideas and thoughts when going through an idea- did not discourage anyone's input

>Narrow the list of 9 to 5

>Further select 3 ideas to further analyze

>Use "Design Thinking" strategy to analyze top idea

Final Project: Design Thinking
ENT 5525

Top Five Ideas
Voted on the top 5 Ideas:
Top Five: "How to Maintain a Healthy Diet"

Dragon Fly Effect

Top Five: "Car Maintenance Diagnostic System/ Mobile Application"
User Centered Design
Ashley Anders
Megha Rao
Daniel Dean
Catherine Dudley

1. "How to maintain a healthy diet"
2. "Car Maintenance Solution"
3. "Electronic Prescription Solution"
4. "Airport Meals"
5. "Unbreakable Phone"
1. Focus on One Goal: weight loss, portion control, sustainable lifestyle
2. Grab Attention: weight-tracking, appealing to target market, social media, school reach-out
3. Engage Others: sponsors, speakers at schools, 5k/ 10k races, family programs, nutrition classes in schools
4. Empower Others: Step/ Distance competition, reward system
Conclusion: nonprofit school program that focuses on building knowledge of healthy lifestyles.
1. Specify the Context of Use: car owners, keep logs, give updates, keep records, alerts, run tests
2. Specify Requirements: start with one brand of car, chip under drivers wheel, manufacturer and engineer
3. Create Design Solutions: partner with insurance companies, snapshot device
4. Evaluate Design: privacy concerns, branding
Conclusion: Using the concept of "snapshot", have a chip that connects to cars, that will synch up with mobile application and alert drivers when particular maintenance needs to be performed.
1. Understand the Market, Client, Technology: people looking for an efficient and quick solution for processing perscriptions
2. Capturing Data: observations
3. Reflection & Analysis: use secure inboxes to keep data and scan documents that have been signed, and deliver to appropriate location.
4. Brainstorming for Solutions: seek government partnership, 3rd party, etc...

Top Five: "Electronic Prescription Solution"
Empathetic Design Method
H&R Block will agree to be the 3rd party, collect all the legal documents, and process renewals with taxes, or at any time during the year.
Secret Phrase Method
Top Five: "Airplane Food"
1. How Might We Improve Airplane Meals?
make them more nutritious, QT Model
2. Or. a New Way to Accomplish Better Airplane Food Experience:
select meal when purchasing ticket, have the option to pay for a higher-quality meal
Conclusion: Food distribution center, based on airline to make fresh meals daily, and also for flyers to have the option to select meals when purchasing tickets.
1. Empathize: common occurrence to break phone, expensive to fix
2. Define: expensive, always carrying around something that is fragile and and expensive
3. Ideate: partnership with manufacturers, titanium, flexible, waterproof, blue tooth solution
4. Prototype: similar to "roll-up" keyboard or "E Ink"
5. Test:

Top Five: "Unbreakable Phone"
Stanford Bootcamp Method
Conclusion: A small phone, made with "e ink" technology, that can roll up and fit into a key chain.
1. Product: a diagnostic chip that synchs with mobile application, that will alert drivers when particular maintenance needs to be performed.
2. Price: price for a diagnostic system is $300. We will charge $100
Additional product enhancements will be an additional product cost
3. Place: Sell at stores- O'Reilleys, AutoZone, Advanced Auto Parts
car washes
on-line store
4. Promotion: social marketing, auto parts stores, website

Top Three: "Car Maintenance Application & Diagnostic System"
4 P's Method
Conclusion: A chip that is placed in a car to include the ability to diagnose car maintenance issues, and also have key features for proactive safe driving. This device will also include functionality for price checking.
1. Problem-Finding: It's inconvenient and inefficient to have to go to doctor's office to get Rx signed, or have to go to DMV in peron
2. Fact Finding: Population of drivers in Kansas City approx 157,505 drivers
3. Problem Definition: A solution to process legal documents
4. Idea Finding: Sell small office scanners, scanning machines (like ATMs)
Top Three: "Electronic DMV and Document Processing Solution"
Simplex Method
1. Remove Seemingly Essential Elements: portion size, compact, taste, food temp, brand
2. Bring together unrelated tasks or functions: tickets ordering, meal ordering-pre-order together, rewards points-redeem for food
3. Copy a Component and Then Alter It: coffee options (expand offering), concentrated food (NASA meals)
4. Separate The Components of a Product or Service and Re-arrange: get your food when boarding
5. Make the Attributes of a Product Change in Response to other Changes: adding a heating/ cooling element to the packaging may affect the small size of meal
Top Three: "Airport Meals"
Think Inside the Box Method
Top Idea: "Car Maintenance Solution"
Design Thinking Method
1. Define the Problem: No time to go to the shop
2. Create and Consider Many Options: Going to an autobody shop, a service-app-helpline to get feedback on car issues, a chip that resides in car to run diagnostics
3. Refine Selected Direction: Attaches to car, runs diagnostics, cost efficient, time-saving, low risk for insurance companies
4. Pick Winner & Execute: Prototype as next step, when driving an application notifies you of potential maintenance issues
seek grant/ federal funding since this will have safety features
Take Away...

Working together and collaborating encouraged creativity

A few of our original ideas ended up turning into something unexpected/ took a different direction

Top Three Ideas
1. "Electronic DMV and Document Processing Solution"
2. "Airport Meals"
3. "Car Maintenance Solution"
Top Idea...
"Car Maintenance Solution"
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