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The Leadership Characteristics of President Barack Obama

No description

Sydnie Cooper

on 24 January 2015

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Transcript of The Leadership Characteristics of President Barack Obama

1. He had the vision of getting involved locally as a community organizer, which helped him relate on a more personal level.
Good Decision Making
1. President Obama layed the groundwork for well-rounded decision making by appointing strong-minded and opinionated cabinet members.
The Willingness to Take Action
2. President Obama helped students by taking action to reduce student loan interest rates.
As a youth, he dreamed big and learned the value of hard work......
This presentation will provide examples of the planks of his leadership.
The Leadership Qualities of President Barack Obama
Ability to Handle Conflict
1. Despite continuous efforts to block his initiatives and slander his name, President Obama responds with patience and focus on the big picture.
Avoidance of Pitfalls
Motivation Ability
President Barack Obama has strong leadership skills, which I admire.
2. As a U.S. Senator he had the vision that entering the Iraq War was wrong.
3. As President his first priority was to sign into law the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, improving equal pay opportunities for women workers.
4. To become reelected for a 2nd term, he had the vision to establish a revolutionary grassroots campaign.
Which is proof to all young people that by dreaming big and working hard, anything is possible.
4. Though he knew universal healthcare was politically damaging, President Obama took action towards insuring that all Americans have the opportunity to be covered.
1. Upon taking office, the country faced a bleak financial outlook and President Obama took quick action to establish economic stability.
2. Though politically risky, he made the decision to attack the Osama Bin-Laden compound, and was successful.
3. He decided to end the war in Iraq.
4. Even though political pressure was to engage militarily with Russia, President Obama made the decision to use successful economic pressure.
3. He also helped students by eliminating bank involvement in new student loans, stopping the profit game.
1. President Obama is a great motivational speaker and knows how to have fun.
2. He really cares and is not afraid to shed a tear publicly.
3. To motivate, he willingly serves in what is considered as servant roles, such as a cook.
4. To set the right example for the nation, he demonstrates how to be a great family man, loving his wife and kids.
2. He learned as a community organizer how to map out a visual plan for success.
3. He regularly speaks with political allies, foes, and world leaders in order to seek diplomatic resolutions to global issues.
1. President Obama studies the issues in order to make the right choices.
4. He is a good listener, hearing all sides, and is slow to take risky action.
2. When conflict is very intense, he tunes-in, is prayerful, and accepts responsibility if the outcome is bad.
3. He handled the efforts to end the Gaddafi regime in Libya by involving other countries and did not jump to take credit for it's success.
4. He remains calm through difficulty and allows others to receive credit, when due.

Presented by Sydnie Cooper
The background music features India.Arie performing her song, "Strength, Courage, and Wisdom".
The photos used were found through internet searches.
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