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Honors Orientation 2017

No description

Julie Humbel-Courtney

on 10 July 2017

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Transcript of Honors Orientation 2017

An ePortfolio is a collection of electronic evidence that shows a student’s learning over time. The Honors & Scholars ePortfolio is a portfolio template developed through u.osu.edu that students will use to create a portable record of their involvement and experiences as an undergraduate.

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The Ohio State University Honors & Scholars Center
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Look for H&S Weekly on Mondays during the semester

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What's Next
Honors Courses
Academic Expectations
Welcome Honors Students!
Complete a challenging curriculum
This includes Honors, 4000-level, and/or graduate-level courses as prescribed by your college of enrollment.
Your academic advisor will guide you on the appropriate Honors courses to take.

Maintain a minimum 3.4 or 3.5 GPA
Achieve this GPA by the end of each year.

Meet additional college Honors requirements (e.g., Honors Contract, Honors Thesis)

Honors Courses
Conduct Research
Undergraduate Research Office
Research Forums
Ohio State Undergraduate Research Day
Denman Undergraduate Research Forum
Honors Thesis
Honors Research Distinction

Strategies for Success
Develop community with Honors peers through:

Residence Halls
Honors Courses
Honors & Scholars Center programs and organizations
Kuhn House
H&S Weekly
H&S Launch: August 20, 2017

Honors Community
Dr. Linn Van Woerkom
Associate Vice-Provost and Director
Dr. Anne Krabacher
Senior Associate Director
Dr. Lindsey Chamberlain
Assistant Director
Julie Humbel-Courtney
Assistant Director
Leo Hoar
Program Manager
Jade Hunt
Honors Program Coordinator
Rebecca Ward
Eminence Fellows

Study Skills
Dennis Learning Center
Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing
Mathematics and Statistics Learning Center
Residence Hall Tutoring
Office hours
Academic Advisors
Survey Course
Career Counselors
Buckeye Careers

Karrie Mills
Assistant Director
The University Honors & Scholars Center at The Ohio State University serves high-performing, motivated undergraduate students.  While embracing diversity in both ideas and people, the Center fosters purposeful learning communities that enhance students’ academic and social experiences.  The Center facilitates impactful, rigorous, and unique opportunities that further student success and involvement in our G.O.A.L.S.:

Global Awareness
Original Inquiry
Academic Enrichment
Leadership Development
Service Engagement

Mission and G.O.A.L.S.

Academic Expectations

Honors Courses

London Honors

Honors Community


What’s Next?

Connect with Faculty
Engage with Peers
Class Size

The University Honors & Scholars Center

Visit us online

E-mail us

Call us
(614) 292-3135

The University Honors & Scholars Center

Visit us online

E-mail us

Call us
(614) 292-3135

Students in the Ohio State Honors Program will:

1) Pursue a challenging curriculum as prescribed by their college of enrollment

2) Engage purposefully in experiences within the G.O.A.L.S. framework

3) Identify a community of peers, staff, faculty, and advisors that can support their success with their Honors college requirements and their overall undergraduate experience

4) Increase their sense of community and belonging to the University Honors Program and Ohio State at large

5) Identify resources at Ohio State and the greater Columbus community to develop their personal, academic and career interests.

Learning Objectives

ePortfolio Assignment
Check your OSU BuckeyeMail account for an email from the H&S Center for ePortfolio set up instructions.

You are expected to explore the ePortfolio and complete the "About Me" section before you arrive to campus in the fall.

Your "About Me" page helps to introduce you to the OSU community. Faculty, staff, and other students will use this page to get to know you and connect with you. This is a page that should be continually updated throughout your academic career.

What should be included:

- A picture of you (headshot, doing your favorite activity, engaged in learning etc)
-A brief description of your interests, talents,
and goals.

Ryan To
Catherine Spratt
Angela Taylor
Chief of Staff
Melany Freiria


Read Buckeye Book Community “Just Mercy"
Explore your e-Portfolio and complete your "About Me" section
Check your OSU BuckeyeMail account (look for e-Portfolio instructions)
Do NOT forward your account
Look for emails from the Honors & Scholars Center


Housing assignments sent
Contact your roommate!

August 19

Move-in Day

August 20-26
Welcome Week
H&S Launch (August 20th)

August 22
Autumn semester classes begin

What to Expect...
Pre-Enrollment Program
London Honors – Autumn 2017
Course: Honors 2396H
3 credit hours
Mondays, 5:20-7:20pm

Travel Dates:
December 14, 2017-December 23, 2017

Application Deadline:
July 24th

Program Fee- TBD
H&S offers need based grants
Indicate need in your application essay

More information:
Wilderness Welcome:
Hocking Hills Zip, Canoe and Ride

August 13-17, 2017

students only

$350 fee
Register by July 28th

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