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The Law of Big Mo

No description

Julie Lavalliere

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of The Law of Big Mo

The Law of Big Mo
Momentum Breaker?
After working hard all semester in the Spring of 1980, his class of 15 students were accused of cheating on the AP exam
This was a set back at first, but he convinced his students to stay positive and encouraged them to take the test again
Stand and Deliver
Jamie Escalante was a teacher, motivator and a leader.
He came to Garfield High School in hopes of teaching computer science instead, he came to a school of complete chaos.
It Takes a Leader to Get Things Started
Escalante was that leader who decided to prepare students to take AP exams
He constantly modeled hard work, dedication to excellence and desire
With his motivation and success, more AP tests were now being offered at that school
Momentum can be the only difference between winning and losing
Momentum makes leaders look better than they are
Momentum is easier to steer than start
Small Beginnings
Out of 3,500 students, only 14 signed up to take AP Calculus
Half of them dropped the class the second week of school
Only Five students took the exam and two passed
Preparation and Motivation
He taught his students the basics and worked up from there
His students would come to school early and leave late to help prepare for the exam
He would encourage them by rewarding them with McDonald's
Momentum Maker!
All fifteen of his students passed the exam!
Word spread about their success
Went from being the laughing stock to one of the top three inner city schools
My Greatest Momentum Challenge:
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