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Endurance Nutrition: Fueling for Success

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UofU Nutrition Presentations

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Endurance Nutrition: Fueling for Success

Endurance Nutrition: Fueling for Success
Before: Carbohydrate & Protein
: 1-4 hours before
*BEST: 2-3 hours before*
: 1-4g/kg
Rule of Thumb
4 hours before: 4g/kg
3 hours before: 3g/kg
2 hours before: 2g/kg
1 hour before: 1g/kg
During: Carbohydrates
How much?
<45 minutes: none needed
45-75 minutes: small amount
1-2.5 hours: 30-60 g/hr
>2.5 hours: up to 90g/hr
After: Carbohydrates & Protein
: Same as carbohydrate
: 10-20 g

Example: 120 lb (55 kg)
2 hours before
2g x 55kg=110g Carbohydrate
10-20 g Protein
Pasta w/red sauce
PB & J
Turkey Sandwich
Brown rice w/veggies
French Toast
Pasta Salad
Cereal w/milk
Bagel w/ honey, jam, or PB
Pretzels with PB
The body's stores of glucose are limited
Replenish energy stores
Blood glucose
Liver & muscle glycogen stores

Rebuild protein/muscle losses
During general endurance exercise, ~2-6% of protein is used for energy
Increased intensity or duration of endurance training can demand as much as ~19-20% of energy from protein (ultra-endurance training)
More muscle catabolism during endurance exercise than strength-focused exercise

Ready to run again!
Decrease risk of injury
Decrease risk of fatigue
Rationale for
Pre-Workout Nutrition
Rationale for
Post-Workout Nutrition
Why do athletes have greater nutritional needs than non-athletes?

Why do endurance athletes have different needs than other athletes?

What are some training factors that affect your needs as an endurance athlete?
Nutrition for Endurance Athletes
Why do athletes have greater nutritional needs than non-athletes?
Burning more calories during training
Need to restore muscles and energy stores
Training can increase metabolism
Why do endurance athletes have different needs than other athletes?
More likely to deplete glycogen stores
More likely to use a higher % of protein for energy during training
What are some training factors that affect your needs as an endurance athlete?
Training status
Blood glucose: ~20-50 kcal
Liver glycogen: ~320-440 kcal
Muscle glycogen: ~1200-1600 kcal
Carbohydrates are the body's preferred energy source, followed by fat and protein
Carbs are required especially for high intensity exercise, to spare protein-muscle breakdown, and provide essential vit/Mmns.
Glycogen depletion = mandatory decrease in exercise intensity & decreased performance

"Hitting the Wall"
Early is better than late
Equal amounts:
1st dose w/in 1st 30 minutes
Every 15-20 minutes
It's up to you!
Gels (be sure to drink with these)
Example: 1.5 hour Training Run
30-60 g/hr: 45-90g CHO
30 min mark: 22g CHO
50 min mark: 22g CHO
70 min mark: 22g CHO
Liquid Route
12 oz Gatorade (21g CHO)
Gel Route
Gu Gel Pack (22g CHO)
Solid Route
PowerBar (45g CHO/bar)
Timing is only important IF your next training session is in less than 8 hrs
How Much?
Next session is in <8 hrs:
1-1.2g/kg/hr for the first 4 hrs
Next session is in > 8 hrs:
Enough CHO to meet daily requirements (5-7g/kg/d)
Example: 120 lb woman who's next training run is in 6 hours:
55kg x 1g=55g CHO/h for the first 4 hours

Best within an hour post workout
How Much?
About 20g
Post Workout Snack Ideas
Chocolate Milk
Fruit Smoothie made w/milk or frozen yogurt
Fruit w/PB
PB & J Sandwich
Carnation Instant Breakfast w/milk
Fruit yogurt
Milkshake made w/frozen yogurt
Crackers + String Cheese
Fruit Popsicle
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