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Estimating individual energy and nutrient

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luda waleed

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Estimating individual energy and nutrient

to calculate our daily calories need, we need to do :
1-Harris-Benedict equation:

its a formula to Calculate your BMR (
basal metabolic rate
) and then applies an activity factor to determine your total daily energy expenditure (
now after we know how to calculate our daily energy needs .
we want to know how to calculate your daily needs of :
carbohydrate (g)
protein (g)
fat (g)
now.. we are going to know what are the
(( food exchange list ))
is a system of determining a daily food plan based on units, or exchanges, of various food types. The nutrient content of each item on a food exchange list is calculated according to its serving size, so that items in the same category have approximately the same nutritional value. One serving size of a food in a category can be exchanged for one serving size of any other food in the same category, which is why a serving is called an exchange.
1939.05 cal
cup of milk (160) slice of bread (80) cheese(100) tomato (25) 4 olives (23) banana (60)

steak (75) beans (125) mashed potato (80) rice (242) corn (80) cucumber (45) cup of orange juice (120)

macaroni (221) mozzarella cheese (85)
chicken breast (246)

popcorn (80) dates (60) fruits (60) yogurt (160) doughnut (178)
Estimating individual energy and nutrient
needs in health and disease, and use of the
food exchange lists

By the end of this tutorial you will be able to:
Calculate daily energy needs for any given individual in health and
• Calculate daily protein needs for any given individual in health and
• Calculate daily nutrient needs for any given individual in health and
• Define “food exchange lists”, and describe their organization.
• Describe the use of the lists in food planning.
• Discuss the need for local food exchange lists.
STEP 1 :


step 2 :
determine physical activity
...the energy yeild per gram as follows:
-1 gm carbohydrate = 4 calories
- 1 gm protein = 4 calories
- 1gm fat = 9 calories

to calculate our daily need of nutrients:

multiply daily energy needs by each daily nutrient percentage then devided by calorie \يgm :
nutrient percentage
) \ (
calorie of Nutrient per gm
1- carbohydrates :
daily energy needs x 55% / 4
2- proteins :
daily energy needs x 15% / 4
3- fats :
daily energy needs x 30% / 9

And the results will be in grams …


the main source of energy that fuels our body and everything it does, even thinking.
important for the growth and repair of the body’s
cells and for building muscle.

contributes to energy intake and helps absorption of vital vitamins.

They are divided to seven general categories :

Starches *
Fruits and Fruit Juices *
Milk and Dairy-like food *
Non-Starchy Vegetables*
Sweets and Other Carbohydrates *
Meats and Meat Substitutes*
Fats *

Starches Exchange
Fruits and fruits juices
milk and dairy-like food
height : 170
weight : 96
age : 17
calorie : 1943

height : 154
weight : 54.9
age : 20
calorie : 1251
height : 148
weight : 40.4
age : 20
calorie : 1068
so ..we are going to upply a diet-plan for overweight by ( -500 calorie ) and underweight ( +500 calorie )
The need for local food list
We need food exchange list for the middle east in
general or for each country in specific, in order to
make it much easier for people to follow and not
having trouble finding alternatives

falafel and sauce
thank you ...
presented by :
Kholoud Abduljawad
Nada Alzahrani
Hanaa Gadah
Food planning by using the food exchange lists:
By using the food exchange lists we can:
plan a diet
exchange and find replacement for some food
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