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Chance_Mapping Your Assets & Identifying opportunities

Brief Overview of how to get started

candace chance

on 29 July 2011

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Transcript of Chance_Mapping Your Assets & Identifying opportunities

Mapping Your Assets & Identifying Opportunities What you need to know..... Exploring Community Wealth (CW) Definition resources generated by
profitable enterprise to
promote social change. Community Wealth is NOT about
traditional fundraising, grant money,
gifts or donations.

It is NOT a quix fix out of a financial
crisis It requires initial upfront investment of time and financial resources. There are also risks involved like with any other business venture or partnership Getting started To decide if your organization is ready for CW analyze: organizational capacity marketable assets market opportunity = community
wealth zone Understanding Leverageable Assets * things you HAVE * things you DO * things you KNOW Indentify assets

Translate assets into opportunities

Narrow down potential opportunities Screening Opportunities &
Assessing Feasibility >> Discuss ease of implementation and revenue potential of each oportunity
>> Assessment: the ultimate goal is to determine the viability of generating sufficient revenue streams without detracting from your organization's core mission
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