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The Warmth of Things

No description

vida Canestaro

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of The Warmth of Things

Nelida Pinion THe Warmth of Things Author Background plot summary struggle between his overwhelming desire for food vs. his hatred of being fat Conflict Being trapped in ones body Themes LETS FATTEN Y"ALL UP DOUGHNUT TIME Nelida Pinon Born in Brazil 1936- Fourth women to be named to the Brazilian Academy Of Writers Depicts the Brazilian foreign communities in her work Her work reflects the poor 2002 March (cc) image by jantik on Flickr Oscar is a boy who has been nick named meat turnover due to his obesity, that even after rigorous diets he cannot shake off Oscar was unhappy with weight and became depressed His mother only becomes concerned with his depression after Oscar cry's for day. She then pays friends to watch movies with him. This works until he could no longer fit into the chairs. During the summer, he became worse starting to sweat "oil, vinegar, and mustard" Which his mother would harvest from him. Through this reaping we then see the true motives behind the mother: to eat her son Fully aware of his mothers motives Oscar began to dress himself as a meat turnover, pouring flour all over himself.His mother became got mad at him, so Oscar nearly bit off her arm. From this he began to crave human flesh. so he pretended to be blind to mislead his victims until one day Oscar opened his eyes, which gleamed with hunger. His mother new instantly that he was going to take the necessary steps, as she did to him, to prepare her into a meal. Symbols meat turnover The act of feeding sweating condiments our lady of Fatima necklace Oscar vs his mother enslavement vs freedom Exploiting unconditional love You can't take with out expecting to give something in return
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