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Tonia Okuboyejo

on 9 November 2014

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Transcript of ZTA VP1

Nine Founders
One dream

Think Pink October
Bra Pong
Philanthropy Events Outside of October
During this game, we will be doing our usually fundraising; selling merchandise and snacks. However, I thought it would be cool if we also sold pink pancakes or even breast cancer ribbon shaped pancakes
"Shoot Out Cancer"
"Kick Away Cancer"
Other Events Outside of October
Powderpuff Football Game
Think Pink
VP1: Coordinator of Committees
"...To prepare for service and learn the nobility of serving, thereby earning the right to be served.."
Paint the Town Pink
place a large pink ribbon on the windows of local participating businesses in the Madison/Morristown area
the pink ribbon means that the business is accepting donations for breast cancer awareness and eduction
Our chapter and the businesses can split up the funds we raised
Also we can include the dates of our homecoming game and our pink out football game where we will be honoring fighters and survivors of breast cancer
Bra Contest/Penny Wars
Balloon Release
Our balloon release event will most likely be held during half time at our pink out game
this event is directly used to honor fighters and survivors of breast cancer
We can sell balloons, where people would sign a name of a person they knew who has or had breast cancer
The fighters and survivors of breast cancer that we have rallied from "Paint our town pink" will be receiving free balloons and come out to the field during halftime with the chapter
A few statistics will be read and balloons are released
Women Empowerment
With breast cancer leaving women feeling helpless and having no control over their bodies, it may be effective to have a fun event at the end of the month making women feel like they have control over another aspect of their life
Kickboxing will be a fun event and also spark interest since FDU doesn't really have any kickboxing events and is also a fun fitness activity
Who Do You Fight For?
This a activity we can use to show a bigger picture of how many people have been affected by breast cancer awareness.
Hidden Pink
Hidden Pink will be another fun activity we can use throughout the whole month of October
For this activity, we will place pink balloons tied to trees in the oddest areas of campus
These balloons will either hold a piece of paper with a breast cancer statistic on it or a prize like a coupon or gift card for a local business
Each sorority will select a male from a fraternity
Each male is photographed with a bra on (the bra can be decorated as well as the "model")
Each sorority will have a water jug with the pic of their "model" pasted on it
Much like Sigma Chi's derby days, coins gains points and dollar bills loses points
The winning sorority and our chapter will split up the money raised
Catch for a Cure!
In this game, everyone wins! The object of the game is to capture a duck, with it costing $1 a turn. There will be 8 ducks and under one duck will be a breast cancer ribbon. If someone catches a duck that doesn't have anything under it, they will win a bag of treats. However if they catch the duck that has the ribbon underneath, they will be entered in a draw to win a think pink basket
In the year 2014, 40,000 women are expected to die of breast cancer. Those 40,000 women could be someone's sister, mother, wife, daughter, best friend, or even grandmother. Until these women feel safe within their ow bodies, the sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha must continue to use all of their power and help in the fight for a cure. When new diagnoses are made daily, why should we only designate the month of October for our philanthropy?
I hope that one day, through our efforts, pink will be just another color and cancer will once again be another zodiac sign and we will have to adopt a new philanthropy because a cure for breast cancer will be found.
A good way to hold philanthropy events outside of October, would be to combine it with other events on campus such as sport games
We can use this event during a soccer game or even a kickball tournament
"Batter Up!"
"Just Keep Swimming"
Teams are formed from people in other clubs and organizations. $3 per player and $5 for every additional player
Winning organization splits money with our chapter
Silent Auction
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