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Arkansas State Report

No description

George Pamatz

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Arkansas State Report

State Flag
Arkansas State
State Flower
Arkansas State Report

Apple Blossom

Arkansas State

Arkansas Celebrity T.I Wes Bentley
State Seal
The Arkansas State Seal
Arkansas Governor MIke Beebe
State Bird
The Arkansas State Bird is a Northern Mocking Bird
State Animal
Male Deer Female Deer
Football Team
State Song
Natural Resources
Manufactured stuff

This picture show manufactured
things in Arkansas.
Sate Motto
License Plate
Current Population
The Arkansas State Seal was adopted in 1864 and modified to its present form on May 23, 1907. The outer ring of the seal contains the text "Great Seal of the State of Arkansas". The inner seal contains the Angel of Mercy, the Sword of Justice and the Goddess of Liberty surrounded by a bald eagle.

The flag of the state of Arkansas is a red field charged with a large blue-bordered white diamond. Twenty-nine five-pointed stars appear on the flag: twenty-five small white stars within the blue border, and four larger blue stars in the white diamond. The inscription "ARKANSAS" appears in blue within the white diamond, with one star above and three stars below. The star above and the two outer stars below point upwards; the inner star below points downwards.
Arkansas Public School Statistics

Arkansas Public Schools: 1,166

Number of Students: 454,523

Arkansas Elementary Schools: 569

Arkansas Middle Schools: 200

Arkansas High Schools: 347

Josh Lucas Jacob lofland
Number of Counties In Arkansas
There are 75
in Arkansas.
The Region Of The United State Arkansas Is In
Arkansas is a state located in the Southern region of the United States. Its name is of Sioux derivation, denoting the Qua paw Indians. The state's diverse geography ranges from the mountainous regions of the Ozark and the Wichita Mountains, which make up the U.S. Interior Highlands, to the densely forested land in the south known as the Arkansas Timber lands, to the eastern lowlands along the Mississippi River and the Arkansas Delta. Known as "the Natural State", the diverse regions of Arkansas
School Requirements
Year of Statehood
June 15, 1836
25 th The territory was larger than the state.
After statehood the leftover area to the west had post offices that continued for some years to use an Arkansas abbreviation in the postmarks, although they were really in the "Indian Country."
Physical Features
The geography of Arkansas varies widely. The state is covered by mountains, river valleys, forests, lakes, and bayous in addition to the cities of Arkansas. Hot Springs National Park features bubbling springs of hot water, formerly sought across the country for their healing properties.[1][2] Crowley’s Ridge is a geological anomaly rising above the surrounding lowlands of the Mississippi embayment.

The Buffalo National River, as it flows through The Ozarks to the White River, is a popular tourist attraction. It was designated the first national river in 1972 after years of conservation efforts in opposition to a United States Army Corps of Engineers plan to dam the river. The Arkansas River enters the state near Van Buren and flows southeast through Little Rock to empty into the Mississippi River near Arkansas Post. Most of the river serves barge traffic to Tulsa, Oklahoma as the McClellan–Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System.[3] Through south Arkansas, the Ouachita River and the Saline River run roughly parallel to the Arkansas, and the major rivers in northeast Arkansas are the White River and St. Francis River. The Red River runs through the southwest corner of the state.

Arkansas has many manmade lakes across the state, many are the basis for state parks, wildlife management areas, or other recreation. Bull Shoals Lake, DeGray Lake, Lake Dardanelle, Lake Ouachita all have state parks along their shores, and Beaver Lake, Table Rock Lake, Greers Ferry Lake, Lake Hamilton and Lake Catherine are also major recreation lakes in the state.[4]

The Ozarks is a broad term for many mountainous counties in northwest Arkansas. This region is usually referred to the Ozarks because the term Northwest Arkansas is the colloquial name for the Fayetteville–Springdale–Rogers Metropolitan Area, including Benton, Madison, Washington counties in Arkansas and McDonald County, Missouri.[5] The Ozark, however, span from the Arkansas River in the south through north central Arkansas. The Boston Mountains subset contain highest peaks in the Ozarks.[6]

Agriculture has played a major role in Arkansas’s culture from territorial times, when farmers made up more than ninety percent of the population, through the present (about forty-five percent of the state’s residents were still classified as rural in 2006). Beginning as a region populated by small, self-sufficient landowners, the state evolved through a plantation culture before the Civil War, to an era when tenant farming and sharecropping dominated from the Civil War to World War II, before yielding to technology and commercial enterprise.
The history of Arkansas began millennia ago when humans first crossed into North America. Many tribes used Arkansas as their hunting lands but the main tribe was the Quapaw who settled in Arkansas River delta upon moving south from Illinois. Early French explorers gave the territory its name, a corruption of Arkansas, which is a phonetic spelling of the Illinois word for the Quapaw.[1] What began as a rough wilderness inhabited by trappers and hunters became incorporated into the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 and became Arkansas Territory in 1819. Upon gaining statehood in 1836, Arkansas had begun to prosper under a plantation economy that was heavily reliant on slave labor. After the Civil War Arkansas was a poor rural state based on cotton. Prosperity returned in the 1940s. The state became famous for its political leadership, including President Bill Clinton (Governor, 1979−81 and 1983−92), and as the base for the Walmart corporation.
Visitors Guide
Affordable family vacations, romantic getaways and business meetings are a natural in Arkansas. Enjoy fun family attractions and adventures, including hunting, fishing, hiking, boating, bicycling and camping. You can also explore a real diamond mine, caves and waterfalls, or look into the past at museums and historic Civil War sites. Find fabulous festivals and events for food, art, music and just about anything else. Find discount vacation packages and deals and start planning your trip today. Come explore the scenic beauty of Arkansas http://www.arkansas.com/ look at the website for more
Tourism Video
George Newbern
Arkansas Current License Plate
You have to be 17 years old to drop out
of school in Arkansas. You have to be 5 years before September
Petroleum, natural gas and coal top the list of minerals produced in Arkansas. The state leads the nation in the production of bauxite, quartz crystal, silica stone and bromine Also, Arkansas is one of only a few diamond producing states in America and has the only public diamond mine in the world. Arkansas Is also really known for there diamonds.
Arkansas State University
Elected January 9 2007
Arkansas’s state motto is Regnat Populus, which is Latin for “the people rule.” No other state employs this motto, in either Latin or English, although South Dakota’s comes close: “Under God, the people rule.” The motto’s use is mostly limited to the Seal of State and its derivatives used by various state officers.
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