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April Staff Meeting

Budget and RTI

Kathleen Wilson

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of April Staff Meeting

BUDGET SCIP PLCs Literacy-rich school Interventions Response to Intervetion
(RTI) Tier 1 interventions Tier 2 interventions 30-50% of Harding's students
non-proficient students (MCA Reading score 30-45)
non-special ed & ELL support
focus on 11th & 12th, then 10th Elective Teacher Support

approx. 20% of elective classes focusing on Tier 2 interventions all courses supporting literacy through reading strategies writing to demonstrate learning Why the NEED? RIT of 211 (5th grade reading level)
--HHS average 9th grade RIT reading score
RIT of 223 (9th grade reading level)
--average score to meet standard on
MCA 10th grade reading If we continue with status quo, students traditional make a 2 point RIT gain on the MAP... By the time our 9th graders are seniors we can predict their score to be 219. We need to accelerate their LEARNING. Tier 3 interventions 15% of Harding's students
special education
ELL courses School Comprehensive Improvement Plan Urgency to increase Tier 1 and Tier 2 interventions Envisioning Harding
due to district SPPS HR Process
district-wide staffing needs SPPS HR
decisions Harding
Work Plan
(staffing needs)
due to district ......... late April ............. early May ............. mid May ........... late May Factors for Harding cart before the horse process
must align needs and goals (SCIP)
trends enrollment
Eastside mobility
SPPS changes
MCA/AYP role
our budget reality
AARA (1 year left)
Sample Schedule
math (tier 1)
social studies (tier 1)
science (tier 1)
English (tier 1 or 2)
reading (tier 2)
elective (tier 2)
elective (tier 2) monthly Academy meeting focus
reading poster with strategies
Learning Walks Professional Learning Communities
testing coordinators
full staff support & implementation
continued focus (more than 6 week ramp up)
Academies and PLCs rock!
reflection of all our hard work
pressing on to meet our students where they are at
meeting time built in day for most
working towards full implementation Bottom Line a large % of students come to Harding with learning deficits... We need to continue to strive to meet our students where they are at.
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