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Cell Analogy: Comparing Organelles of a Cell to a School By Tiffany Seibert

This contains plant and animal organelles and diagrams with explanations of how organelles are related to a school.

Tiffany Seibert

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of Cell Analogy: Comparing Organelles of a Cell to a School By Tiffany Seibert

Cell Analogy:
Comparing Cell Organelles to a School By Tiffany Seibert Organelles that are only in Animal Cells: Lysosomes (Purple) Lysosomes are like janitors. They clean up/digest lipids, carbohydrates and proteins. While janitors clean up trash and things that are not needed in the school. Janitors Flagella (blue and red striped) elevators The Flagella propels the cell, up, down and around. The Flagella is comparable to an elevator in a school because it propels people up and down in school. Centrioles or Microtubules (Green) Computer Carts Centrioles are located near the nucleus and help organize cell division. Computer Carts organize productivity of getting homework or work done in the classroom, Centrioles basically do the same thing in a way but they organize the productivity of cell division. Organelles in Both Animal and Plant Cells: Cell Membrane (Animal- Brown and Plant- Orange) doors The cell membrane can be compared to doors. The cell membrane is a barrier that allows certain items in or out of the cell, this is the same with the door, it allows certain items into and out of the cell. Nucleoplasm (Animal- Pink and Plant- Yellow) Main Office The Nucleoplasm is similar to a main office. The nucleoplasm surrounds the nucleolus, while the main office can be compared to this because it surrounds the principal who is the "nucleolus" of the school. Nuclear Membrane (Animal- Dark Brown and Plant- White {Circle around Nucleoplasm}) The Nuclear Membrane surrounds the Nucleoplasm (Which is the main office in a school). Therefore, the Nuclear Membrane can be compared to the main offices walls. Nucleolus (Animal- Black and Plant- Brown) In the Nucleolus the assembly of ribosomes starts. The Nucleolus can be compared to the Principal in a school because a principal is the head of a school and the nucleolus is the head of a cell, essentially. Cytoplasm (Animal- Yellow and Plant- White {Surrounds all organelles inside the cell membrane}) The cytoplasm is the liquid medium all organelles exist inside of. The cytoplasm can be compared to the floor outside the office because the nucleus is separate from all organelles that exist in the cytoplasm, of which all "organelles" in a school exist on the floor of the school except the nucleus which is the main office.
The Golgi Apparatus modifies, sorts and packages from the endoplasmic reticulum for storage in the cell or secretion outside of the cell. The Golgi Apparatus can be compared to book bag and a locker because it stores and transports books and homework. Golgi Apparatus (Animal- Dark Pink and Plant- Dark Blue) Endoplasmic recticulum (Animal- {Smooth} Light Blue {Rough}- Dark Blue and Plant- {Smooth} Light Pink {Rough} Dark Pink) The Endoplasmic Recticulum carries proteins. Hallways can be compared to the E.Rs of the cells because they are passageways for people to go through to go somewhere in the school. Ribsomes (Animal- Red and Plant- Purple) Ribosomes are small particles of RNA and protein found throughout the cell. Ribosomes can be compared to students because students are found throughout the school. Mitochondrion (Plant- Red and Animal {Oval Shaped}- Red) Mitochondrion convert chemical energy stored in food into compounds that are more convenient for the cell to use. Mitochondrion can be compared to the schools generator because a generator provides power to the school. Organelles only in Plant Cells: Cell Wall (Green) The cell wall surrounds and protects the cell. This can be compared to the outer brick walls of the school because they surround and protect the school. Vacuole (Light Blue) The vacuole stores material such as water, salts and proteins, and carbohydrates. This can be compared to the storage closet in a school because it stores items for later usage. Chromatin (Light Gray) Chromatin is granular material you see in the nucleus, it consists of DNA bound protein. This can be compared to the secretaries in a school because they are found in the nucleus, which is the main office in a school. Chloroplast (Light Aqua Green) Chloroplasts capture energy from the sunlight and convert it into chemical energy in a process called photosynthesis. These can be compared to the greenhouse because the green house captures sunlight. Order of appearances of slides-
You will first see the title of the organelle and the color it is on the diagram and a description of what the organelle is being compared to in a school. Then, you will see a zoomed in arrow pointing to the organelle that was just described. (Throughout the presentation you can adjust your view a slide to get a better look.)
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