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The Declaration of Independence

No description

Camden Sharkey

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of The Declaration of Independence

What if Paine didn't write "Common Sense"?
With out Common Sense the Declaration may have not been written because it said in the book (history alive) " it inspired lots of people. People were ready for the Continental congress to vote for independence."
What is the impact of the D.O.I.?
The Declaration of Independence

The impact of the Declaration Of Independence is a very big impact. If we did not write the Declaration Of Independence we would not be independent or have freedom. Also if it wasn't for the Declaration we would still be paying the ridiculous taxes that Britain made us pay.
Where did Jefferson get the ideas to put in the D.O.I.?
Did Jefferson own slaves? How did this impact the D.O.I.?
Jefferson did own slaves but he was pushing for slavery to be abolished which may have contributed to the line in the Declaration of Independence All men are created equal. Also all the slaves were freed continueisouly.
What is the purpose of the D.O.I.
The purpose of The Declaration of Independence is to declare independence from Britain. Also to get away from the horrible taxation without representation.
Why was Jefferson chosen to write the D.O.I.?
The committee of 5 people chose Thomas because of his writing skills. Like it said on http://classroom.monticello.org/kids/resources/profile/6/Jefferson-and-the-Declaration-of-Independence/ " John Adams said of Jefferson During the whole time I sat with him in Congress, I never heard him utter three sentences together." But he was known for his writing skills.

Thank You
Thank you: by: Keaston B. and Camden S. :)
Thomas Jefferson didn’t use any books to help him write the Declaration of Independence. But since his early days, he’d read many important books. He’d discussed ideas about equal rights with teachers and other delegates. He’d also worked with men like George Mason. Like Jefferson, Mason was a plantation owner in Virginia. Mason was the first to suggest that "pursuing happiness" was an important right.
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