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Johnson & Johnson

No description

Ashley Perrone

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Johnson & Johnson

- Line extension will aid in reaching a broader area of patients.
- Tablet's patient compliance is a large issue. Opportunities:
- Patients Assistance Fund
- FDA does not approve the line extension Johnson & Johnson Competition Antonios Douranakis, Chance Furgerson,
Seun Oke, Ashley Perrone,
Nicholas Pranzo, Alexis Salerno Key Financials -“critical unmet” need

- affordable

- convenient

- “maximize brand’s potential” BCG Matrix Key Factors: Adoption Rate 3% Initial Market Share
Only tablet based product in today's current market
Pantheon's strong reputation in pharmaceuticals
1% Initial Market Share
Vedimation also produces tablet drug
Vedimation specializes in Huntington's Disease and Alzheimer's
5% Initial Market Share
Only tablet based hormone therapy drug A rise in our market price is directly related to our market share
Maintain Credo and project goals to provide an affordable drug to hospitals and clinics
2% decrease increases our market share and will make the Pantheon name a preferred one in the oncology world. STRONG Competitor Increase 2% vs. Decrease 2% Goals - Credo

-Market Share

- Profit

-Patient Friendly

- Communities FDA Denies Line Extension:
How are Key Financials Affected?
Costs can be recovered, because R&D Expenses will happen early in the life of the project
On-going R&D expenses that do not result in a tangible good are tax deductible and can be written off our income statement
Unlikely line extension will be denied due to the nature of our drug, Abira. NPV-$622,000,000
Payback Period-4.57 Years
Internal Rate of Return-35%
Rate of Return-11.254%
R&D Amortized using straight line method
Rate of Return found by using Avg. Accounting Return
Depreciated Acquisition using MACRS Rise in Costs 5% yearly increase
3% yearly increase
10% yearly increase

Due to changes in inflation, monetary, and fiscal policies
The acquisition on the asset will allow us to adjust our pricing and marketing strategy to deal with these issues Highlights Net Present Value: $522 Million
Ending Market Share: 11%
Community Impact Marketing Strategy - Premium Plus

- Increase in Market Share

- Direct to Consumer (DTC) Urologists Oncologists Option To Buy - Exclusive Rights
- Strong Competitor
- Unmet Need
- Control
- Profitable
- Patient Assistance Fund Pricing Strategy - $4500

- Unique Pricing Strategy

- Operating Contributions Tablet - Cost
- Patient Friendly
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