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Medieval Japan

No description

James Tian

on 18 March 2016

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Transcript of Medieval Japan

Change and conflict skit

Change and Conflict
Culture and Geography
On Going Warfare
Medieval Japan
Culture and Geography SKIT

History Alive Textbook-
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Government Skit
Economy Skit
Gradual Impact
Image Sources
Separateness prevented japan culture from developing after neolithic age for a long time
China influenced japan
They had advanced metal work
Abrupt entry of japan into iron age
Agriculture was mostly rice
Rise in quality of life
Started a class structure (rich and poor)

Agricultural community life

Prince Shotuku liked China and Korea
Started trading with these countries
Koreans brought many things
Bronze working
As result new government, art, architecture and writing

Cultural Influences on Japan
Everyone is Buddhist by default
Many festival
Mid summer bon festival
Suta chanting
Also Shinto religion (purifying what was unclean)
Start of Buddhism when Korean king sent Japan statue of Buddha and request of new religion
Big controversy over religion
Religion in Daily Life
IE system
This system made someone a family head
Family head gets to
Manage property
Arrange marriages
Supervise family
Maintain rituals for ancestors
Everyone in family had a part, all worked together
Under IE, all daughters had to get married
One of sons was to replace father as family head
Rest of sons had to either leave the family or become unmarried servants
IE system was later removed
Family is still fundamental for identification
Traditional marriage (family system
Literature was essential part of Japanese education which they also took from the chinese
Haiku and senryu
Poetry is the oldest form of literature in Japan
Words were only spoken until Koreans taught Japanese people Kanji
During the year 900 Japanese people started using letters borrowed from Korea
Literature in Japan
Slide 1-
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Chaos in Japan
Imitating China
P.S. there is a
blooper video
for the skits
Full transcript