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Top Ten Photography Tips

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Daniella Ferlaino

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Top Ten Photography Tips

Top Ten
Photography Tips By: Daniella Ferlaino Tip 1:
Get Down To Their Level Instead of taking the photo standing up or from above, get down to the subjects level. Doing this will create a personal and inviting feeling and make the picture look more complete and gorgeous. Tip 2:
Use A Plain Background Tip 3:
Use Flash Outdoors Tip 4:
Move In Close Tip 5:
Take Some Vertical Pictures Tip 7:
Move It From The Middle Tip 8:
Know Your Flashes Range Tip 9:
Watch The Light Tip 10:
Be A Picture Director This Instead of Instead of This This Instead of Instead of This This Instead of Before you take a picture, always check the area behind the subject. Always look out for objects coming out. A busy background is distracting and will lure you away from your subject while a plain background will focus/emphasize it. Don't forget to use the flash outdoors! Yes, even using the flash outside improves your pictures. Use the flash in the sunlight to make dark shadows lighter in the area of your subjects face. Use it on cloudy or rainy days to lighten up your subjects face to make them stand out. Moving in close to your subject, fills your picture and focuses specifically on what you want it to be focused on. It also makes the image look fuller and it eliminates background distractions. It also shows off those little details in your subject. Don't forget to take some vertical pictures! Many subjects look better taken vertically, usually tall subjects. Instead of Change it up a bit by moving your subject off center. It doesn't always have to be in the middle. Pretend there is a tic-tac-toe board when you are taking your picture and lock your subject on any piece on the board. Some pictures that are taken beyond your flashes range will come out too dark so don't forget to check your manual just to be sure. You don't want your picture to show up too dark. Watch the lighting when your taking pictures! Avoid sunlight from above, it will cause harsh shadows and will distract the viewer from your subject. Don't forget to be a picture director! Don't just let your subject(s) do what they desire all the time. Add items, move your subject(s), or take the photo from a different angle. This really changes the photo in a dramatic way and looks much cleaner and nicer. Instead of Lock your focus on your subject. Doing this really brings out your subject and completes it. It also makes your subject look fuller and shows it off. This is a very handy tool. Tip 6:
Lock The Focus This This Instead of This Instead of This Instead of This
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