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Natalynn's biographie

No description

Lisa Weaver

on 4 June 2018

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Transcript of Natalynn's biographie

Early life

Here is my frist detale. I am writing about kim kardashion. She is so amazing. She is a very nice person and has a lot of famous family members. She also has dvds and sooo much more things happening every day.
amazing things
Here is some of her amazing things that her family has done. There is some socks that her family made. They have words on the bottom. she is also married to konya west.
I hope you loved my writting about kim. She is a great person. I like some of her products. that is my writting about Kim.
Here is my 2 detale about kim kardashion. She has came out with a new hair product. She is also coming out with new things. But the most popular in her family is the makeup like the kylie lip kit. That is a hard makeup to find.
some products
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