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Zoom into Me

No description

Renáta Tóth-Farkas

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Zoom into Me

Tóth-Farkas, Renáta Psychologist
Born in 1986, in Oradea
Nationality: Hungarian
Spoken Languages: Hungarian, English, Italian, German Contact
http://hu.linkedin.com/in/tothfarkasrenata/ Education I graduated from a
bilingual highschool where I had the opportunity to study in English to experience student exchange in the USA to represent my country at a Model United Nations Conference in Wroclaw, Poland and to participate in the
International Baccalaureate Program Where we were taught to be analytic and study throughout questioning knowledge.
Group projects and researches were inevitable parts of our everydays. I attended Eövös Loránd University.

At bachelor level my majors were Aesthetics and Psychology and I also did an English minor. I earned both of my BA degrees in 2010.

In 2012 I gained my Master’s degree in Psychology with specialization in counselling and educational psychology. Skills Communication Group work Creativity Research SPSS Time
management I love to travel and see the world from different perspectives. Expressing myself in creative forms is essential for me. Drawing sketches and decoarting rooms with wall painting is one of my favourite hobbies Dancing is also a constant part of my life. Recently I started to study Integrated Expression and Dance Therapy. I volunteer at the Smiling Hospital Foundation,
visiting and entertaining hospitalized children. Serving for six month as a volunteer psychologist at the psychiatric and rehabilitation department of Jahn Ferenc Hospital made me committed to caretaking. I held the position of Secretary of Junior Division at The Hungarian Psychological Association. Working as a Peer Counselor at ELTE Peer Counselling Group was one of the most influential experiences throughout the years spent at the university. I spent three months as a psychologist intern at the psychiatry department of Péterfy Sándor Hospital. In 2011 Since 2011 In 2012 2011-2013 2010-2012 Experience The non-professional side of me Zoom Into Me Education Participating both in quantitative and qualitative researches were a major part of my higher education. One of my researches focused on the role of assertivity and emotional intelligence in spotting a fake smile. As part of an organizational psychology group project we conducted a study on the user experience of the faculty websites of our university. My master’s thesis focused on the influence of environmental factors and psychological suggestions on patients going through dental treatment. In general, I am comfortable with designing researches and analyzing statistical or non-statistical data. Experience is value Thank you for watching my Prezume! In hope of a personal meeting, Renáta
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