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Social Media GPS

No description

Leslie Howland

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Social Media GPS

Social Media GPS
Practical Navigation
Leslie Howland
Marketing & Event Coordinator
City of McAllen PARD

Guide to Success
Twitter contains information you will find valuable.
It’s like being delivered a newspaper whose headlines you’ll always find interesting.
Name = handle @McAllenParks
Twitter has over 550 million users*
Profiles include info about you
Work, Family, Interests
A way to connect with others across the world
Share ideas, photo, videos
Facebook has 1.11 billion monthly active users*
751 million monthly active users who used Facebook mobile products*
Take a picture or video
Choose a filter to transform its look and feel
Then post to Instagram
Share to social Facebook, Twitter, etc.
40 million photos are uploaded to Instagram per day*
Pins are little visual bookmarks that people save onto virtual bulletin boards
Each pin links right back to the site it came from.
You can pin things you'd like to do, places to visit—whatever you want!
Pinterest has around 70 million users of which 80% are women.
Users are currently more influential than brands
Content Ideas
Registration announcement with dates
Health and exercise tips
Images from events
Customer retweets/comments
Fill in the blank
Caption Contest
Daily motivation
Why do you think social
media is important?
Creating Facebook Posts
KISS (Simple & Short)
Use a call to action
caption this
yes or no
fill in the blank
Tag sponsors or partners
Share your post on other Facebook pages (Newspaper, Community Page, etc)
Create an event & invite fans
Sponsored Posts
Social Media Pop Quiz
27% of time spent online is on a social network
*Statistic Brain
Creating Effective Posts
What is the best time to post?
Creating Tweets
Simple & Short
140 characters or less
Include a photo
Include a link (bitly)
Hash Tag = #ilovesocialmedia
Get creative but not too long
Helps you see what people are talking about
Limit to one or two
Posting Instagram Pics
Take pictures with your regular camera app first.
Change your perspective
Filter or No Filer
Post = What's going on
Hash Tag = #McAllenParks
Choose to share on other sites
Facebook or Twitter
Post your Pins
Create boards & choose a category
Select a photo & add a pin description or link source
Create content from your organization, but also include articles or links to others.
Videos are 10x more likely to be shared than links
Photos are 5x more popular than links
Plan content at least one month in advance.
Sweet Tweets
& Instagrahams
Roundtable Questions
What strategies does your organization utilize?
How has social media helped your organization?
In what ways has it hurt you?
What was a time where social media help you improve an event or program?
What is the best time to tweet?
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