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Copy of Introduction to game industry and development

No description

Omnia Nageeb

on 23 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Introduction to game industry and development

Game Development Hello My name is Omnia Nageeb I'm here to talk about video games Game Industry is the 2nd most profitable industry in history after the industry of weapons There is a 20 BIllion $ yearly investement in video games around the world There is a lifetime revenue of a 3 Billion $ for EA Games Vancouver ALONE Infinity Ward Studio Earned 425 Million $ after launching Call of Duty: Modern warfare 3 with only 24 hours Game Industry collects all the talents in the world into one single Field G ame
D evelopment S tudio Managers Financial Managers Marketing Managers Directors Artists 3D designers Architects Programmers Actors Sound Engineers Musicians I can keep this up all day :D Unfortunately, Egypt invests in the video game market with only 10 million LE That's barely enough for one game studio. Most Egyptian games are simple 2d desktop applications or simple 2d mobile applicaitons But Lately, There has become several teams that work on video game development for PS3 Standard Cybertrophy Games Cybertrophy, now is growing community of game developers who are trying to compete in the worldwide market with a Game that is 100% made in Egypt Cybertrophy and other teams face many problems during their way. Funding Experienced Managment Lack of expereince Production Equipment such as: So, How do they make games? First of all, They decide what story they'll base their game on and plan the gameplay schematics concept artists start to design the characters, environment, vehicles and interactive objects. When the design is done, 3D aritsts bring the design into the 3D form Animators bring those objects to life. Programmers take all that data and push them into the game engine in which they start connecting everything together They set the controls, Environment constraitns, conditions, user interface, and the flow stream of the story Now that we have a .EXE product, it's time to test the game, mark the glitches and bugs, then fix them You keep testing till the day before the launch. and then start selling copies It takes a patient and committed man to be a game developer Maybe it's difficult, but it's not impossible We have the brains, the talents, and the will to do something great So let's play our own games Thank You Phase 1: Phase 2: Phase 3: Phase 4: Phase 5: Phase 6:
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