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First Grade Five Senses

No description

Abby Graszl

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of First Grade Five Senses

What are the five senses? Sense Adjectives Sentences Favorite sense Game! Sense Adjectives I see with my ________________. The Five Senses Write at least one sentence for each sense. Make sure to use an adjective. What is your favorite sense? Why? Write one sentence describing each picture.
You must use looks, tastes, feels, sounds, or smells to describe the picture.
The first team to make a correct sentence gets a point. I hear with my __________________. I taste with my _________________. I smell with my _________________. I touch with my __________________. Eyes Ears tongue nose fingers The five senses are: Sight
Smell It looks..... Sight old, new, expensive, cheap, shiny, round, dangerous, exciting, boring, small, big. Smell It smells..... good, bad, terrible, great, sweet, pleasant, strong, awful, nice. Touch It feels.... hot, cold, smooth, soft, sticky, rough, bumpy, sharp, heavy, light, squishy. Taste It tastes..... sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter, good, bad, amazing, terrible, delicious Hearing It sounds..... quiet, loud, noisy, great, terrible, close, far away. Examples: I hear people talking loudly.
Chocolate cake tastes really sweet.
Her hair feels soft. If you had to lose one sense, which would it be? Why? Example: My favorite sense is sight, because I love to read. Example: If I had to lose one sense, it would be hearing because I could learn sign language and still communicate.
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