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The City of Ember

No description

Mark Emlaw

on 2 May 2011

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Transcript of The City of Ember

The City of Ember Introduction Setting Conflict Characters Summary Solution About the Author The book I choose to read was the City
of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau. The book takes place in an Imaginary
city named Ember. Ember is a city that is
secluded from the rest of the world and runs on light bulbs. The problem Ember has is that the light bulbs and other neccesities are running out like food, clothing and pencils. Also Ember's power generator stops periodically and the city is thrown into complete darkness for a period of time. The Characters in the story include.
Lina Mayfleet one of the two main characters along with Doon Harrow. The story follows through the eyes and adventures of these two as they try to solve the cities problems.
Supporting characters include Mayor Cole the mysterious bad guy, Lizzie Bisco Lina's close friend, Poppy Lina's little sister, Mrs. Murdo Lina's adpotive mom, Clary Ember's gardener and supplier of fresh produce, and many others.
The story starts out following Lina Mayfleet as she prepares like all children who turn 12 to recive her offical job. She takes randomly draws pipworks worker and is disgusted but another student Doon Harrow recives Messenger and opts to trade with Lina. Lina is now a messenger, this job takes her to mysterious new locations and she later meets up with Doon Harrow to help solve a mystery that will save the city from falling into complete darkness. The end of the story comes at you fast in this 270 page 20 chapter read. As Lina and Doon solve a mysterious chewed up letter that leads them to a secret door, that when opened shows them the idea of using boats to escape the darkening City of Ember. But the trick isnt that easy they now have to convience the evil Mayor Cole and the rest of the citizens to leave their homes behind and to take a chance and flee the dark hopless city. Jeanne DuPrau was born in San Fransico, California and is a American novel wirter. Her most profitable and famous wirtings are the the Ember series in which The City of Ember is the first of four novels in the series. DuPrau has also written some non-fiction novels about adoption and cloning.
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