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sports injuries 1

No description

sarah sandford

on 17 January 2012

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Transcript of sports injuries 1

Sports Injuries Acute & overuse Instrinsc & extrinsic risk factors Compile a list of acute injuries, and a list of overuse injuries Fractures Direct trauma - a blow to the limb
Indirect - falling, twisting actions Transverse - right angle to length of bone
Oblique - break is diagonally across the bone, sharp ends
Spiral - similar to oblique, breaks spirals diagonally
Comminuted - multiple fractures (screws/wires) Greensticks - bone bends and splits, does not cause full break. Common in children.

Impacted - both ends of bone forced together in compression.

Avulsion - fragment becomes dettached as result of ligament or tendon pulling
stress fracture - an overuse injury.
Caused by repetitive stress, but not enough to cause a full break.
Difficult to spot on x rays.
Common stress fracture - tibia, commonly confused with shin splints! Open & closed
Closed - relatively litle displacement, not much injury to surrounding tissue
Open - high risk of infection,

Complete & Incomplete
How much of the bone is broken
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