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The REAL Thanksgiving


Brittany Adams

on 4 November 2009

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Transcript of The REAL Thanksgiving

The REAL Thanksgiving Everyone has the Disney version of what happened at the first Thanksgiving. What most people don't know is the REAL story of what happened. Squanto What really happened with Squanto? Most know the legend of Squanto. He was an Indian who helped teach the Pilgrims how to grow corn and fish. This is true, but the real story is not very popular. Due to the Pilgrims bringing over thier diseases to the defenseless Indians, Squanto was the last living Patuxet Indian. The only one from his tribe. The main killer of these Indians was Smallpox. Thanksgiving We all know what happened at the first Thanksgiving right? The Pilgrims and the Indians sat down together and had a wonderful feast together to celebrate a good harvest. What really happened?
Over 700 Pequot Indians came together for their Green Corn Festival ( Thanksgiving). As the Indians were sleeping, mercenaries forced them outside and murdered them by clubbing, shooting, or burning them alive. The following day, the Massachusetts Bay Colony governor declared it "A Day of Thanksgiving." A day to be thankful right? After Thanksgiving After Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims and the Indians lived in harmony and continued the annual feast year after year. What really happened? After the first Thanksgiving, the Europeans siezed lands, capturing Indians for slaves and killing the rest. After each successful massacre, another "Thanksgiving" feast was held. George Washington eventually suggested that only one day should be set aside for Thanksgiving instead of celebrating each massacre. Who were the Pligrims? We know that the Puritans were coming to North America to escape religious persecution. They "put their fate in God's hands" and decided to travel here to excercise their religion freely. Were Puritan so pure? As is any case in the time, those who traveled to a frontier, most were outcasts and fugitives who did not fit into mainstream society. They left England and came to America by the hundreds in hopes of taking land away from natives and building their "Holy Kingdom."
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