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1. What are the challenges facing L'Oreal management?

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ghadah ibrahim

on 13 December 2014

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Transcript of 1. What are the challenges facing L'Oreal management?

5. What might be some limitations of SharePoint in this application?

Some software creators stated SharePoint is too difficult to operate. In addition, itsstructure is different from other web based applications.
1. What are the challenges facing L'Oreal management?
L'Oréal Group is the world's largest cosmetics and beauty company.
It was created , in 1909, by Eugène Schueller, a young French chemist .
The brand got its start in the hair-color business, but the company soon branched out into other cleansing and beauty products.
2. Make a list of all the functionalities of M@sternet described in the video. What kind of a knowledge management system is M@sternet?
4. What do you think are the ultimate benefits of M@sternet for L'Oreal?

I think that the benefits of M@sternet for L’Oreal are increasing the
efficiency of information delivery and providing a safe platform to manage the database.

3. Why did L'Oreal say it chose the SharePoint platform?
Microsoft SharePoint enables groups to configure portals and hierarchies of websites without specifically requiring web-development. This allows groups of end users, as participants, to have much greater control in finding, creating, collecting, organizing, and collaborating on relevant information, in a browser-based environment. It also allows views of the different collections of information to be easily filtered, grouped, and/or sorted by each consumer according to their current desire. It has a robust permissions structure, allowing organizations to target users' access and capabilities based on their organizational role, team membership, interest, security group, or any other membership criteria that can be defined.
Thank you for your attention.
presentation By :

Ghadah ALGhamdi
Moudy ALMuhaya

It is a powerful information system with various jobs such as
a search engine anddiscussion forums. These functions give access to those people to have control over information according to their needs and organizational roles to make management moreefficient.
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