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No description

Diego Arévalo

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of GLOBAL

Name of theproject:
The Lunch Box


The project tried different schools wrote
about the food they usually eat.
Were involved
- Australia: Laurimar Primary School, Melbourne, Victoria
- Australia: Doncaster Gardens Primary School, Melbourne, Victoria
- Australia: Oberthur Primary School, Perth, Western Australia
- Australia: The Hutchins School, Hobart, Tasmania
- USA: Bettendorf Middle School, Iowa
- USA: Martin J. Gottlieb Day School, Florida
- USA: Prestonsburg High School, Kentucky
- Canada: Central Public School, Cornwall, Ontario
- Tajikistan: Lyceum 5 Isfara,Sughd
- Tajikistan: Secondary School 1, Sarband
- UK: Sinfin School, Derby
- Germany: Leizpig International School Leizpig
- Mexico: Cobach Plantel, Tecate, Baja California
- Portugal: Escola Secundaria Manuel Teixeira Gomes, POrtimao, Algarve
- France: Ecole Publique d'Alairac, Alairac
- Jordan: Umm Al_Naam Al_Gharbia Basic Mixed School
- Jordan: Umm An Na'am Al Manshiyya School
- Lebanon: Makassed Khalil Shehab School Beirut



The project was organized in


They put theirs
first and then continued with
their location

and different texts for the project.
They used different
as: vimeo.com, powerpoint, woices, YouTube Editor, Skype...
They included photos and a brief text to make the powerpoint. They also included videos to explain their food and to ask questions for other students.
They made a presentation of themselves before they made their part of the project. Each school included its parts in its proper site.
My favorite part of the project is pupils make a part and ask questions to be answered to interact between them. There are also different ages participating on the project, what is fantastic!

I think it could be better if they use tools which you don't need an account to see the material. And sometimes it has a difficult access to see it. But it is a great and wonderful project.



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