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The Pop Art Movement

A Presentation detailing the history, artists, and style associated with the Pop Art movement.

Susie Weiss

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of The Pop Art Movement

Pop Art What is Pop Art? A Brief History Characteristics Subject Matter Jim Dine Important Artists: Robert Rauschenberg Andy Warhol Previous movement: Abstract Expressionism (1945-60)
was about the abstract- didn't look like real objects, people or places-
and said Art was not for everyone to enjoy or understand

Pop Art rebelled against that idea and created "real" art that
all people could enjoy and was still sold in galleries and museums

Focused on world events and everyday life Bright colors
Everyday objects and images
Use of Pop Culture - famous
Screen printing/mixed media
Similarity to advertising
Repetition Society
Everyday things/objects
Famous things and people
Current events/social issues According to Collins English Dictionary,
"A movement in modern art
that imitates the methods, styles, and themes
of popular culture and mass media,
such as comic strips, advertising, and science fiction." Claus Oldenburg Roy Lichtenstein
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