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Storytelling Is Better With Pictures: The Nuts and Bolts of Creating Visual Content

This prezi was created for ActionCamp, a conference to develop and grow the skills of nonprofit professionals, volunteers and board members as it pertains to social media and technology hosted by Action San Antonio.

Garrett Heath

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of Storytelling Is Better With Pictures: The Nuts and Bolts of Creating Visual Content

Story Telling Is Better With Pictures

of creating visual content
Who I Am
Types of Visual Content
3 Things to Focus On
Content on a Shoestring
Strategies for Sharing
Topics for Today:
You're Gonna Have To Serve Somebody
Content Your Boss Loves
Text Is Boring
I mean seriously. Do you think that your readers are going to sit there and actually read all the words on your website, blog post or news-
letter? You have got to be crazy! With all these phones that beep with
text messages, emails, tweets and status updates, there is no way that they are going to have the patience to get through the first paragraph of your prose before something
else takes their attention away. I mean heck, when is the last time that you read a
page full of text, no images, from top to bottom? It was probably 50 Shades of
Grey, a white paper that your boss made you read or text for a school project
(wow that was a long time ago). The point being is that text, just text,
is now boring for our over stimulated, over caffeinated, multi-
tasking brains. We need images. We need video. We need
visual stimulation. And if we need it, what do you
think that your readers, donors, advocates
volunteers and peers need?
Engineer Turned Marketer
Racker For Four Years
Who I Am
San Antonio Food Blogger
Twitterer - @pinojo
App Creator
Information Board
Focus On
Content Your Boss Loves:
Moves the needle
Affects the bottom line
Gets people in the doors
Energizes volunteers
Use Graphics In Call to Action
Use Videos To Explain Lists of Info
Put A Fun New Twist On Content
Quirky Content
Content Your Advocates Love
Photo courtesy Leo Reynolds via Flickr
They Like You, They Really Like You!
Photo courtesy pennstatelive via Flickr
Content Your Advocates Love:
Provides helpful information
Show rather than tell
Tells a story
Energizes and excites
Use Videos To Excite Your Volunteers
Show Instructions With a Video
Tell Stories Through Imagery
On a Shoestring Budget
Content That Is Quirky:
Quality Of Being Unexpected
Plays On Current Trends
Taps Into Regional/Cultural Passions
Show The Normal In An Unexpected Way
Play On Current Trends
Tap Into The Culture Of Your Audience
One of Rackspace's most popular posts
Programming is part of the culture of our customers
Play on Regional Passions
Photo courtesy jvp-photo via Flickr
Photo Licensed under Creative Commons via http://www.fotopedia.com/items/flickr-1311736416
Tools to Create Visual Content
Do It Yourself
A Little Budget Can Go A Long Way
Websites to hire freelancers
Don't forget your local colleges/universities
- Advertise on campus
- Internships for recent grads
- Partner with media departments
- Student projects for class
- Student organizations
Creative Commons
- Have to go to advanced search
to search on Creative Commons
- Need to give attribution
Videographer via craigslist, Voice over via fiverr - total cost $60
Graphics Made on fiverr - $5 each
Friends and Family Members
- Don't wear them out!
- Not the best long term strategy
Wedding Invitation a Friend Made
Use Your Phone - There's An App For That
Tons of Web Apps
- Instagram, Snapseed, Camera+, Gimp
When You The World's On Your Shoulders
- 8MM, Super 8, Video Cam Illusion, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker
- Visual.ly, someecard
Media Specifications

- Keep you photos/images at a low file size
- Wouldn't advise going over 200KB
- Want to make sure viewer gets it fast

- Keep videos between 1 - 2 minutes
- Ask yourself, "Would I sit down to watch this?"
Helpful Hints
Consider where to store media
WARNING: Geek Speak
- Back up your content!
- Large media files are best not on your server
- Loads faster from a CDN (Content Delivery Network)
Helpful Hints
Use content that you already have
- It's probably new to your audience
- Show historical progression, throwback
Focus on what's hot
- If your numbers are small, piggyback
Don't lose your message
- Make sure visual content you create is consistent with your brand
Helpful Hints
Photo courtesy davesneakes via Flickr
Photo courtesy
via Flickr
Strategies For Sharing
Understand Where You Want It Shared
Place Social Share Options Around Content
- Social Plugins/Buttons
- Make sure to reference yourself
- Be sure to set a "Featured Image" if using Wordpress or CMS
Get Others To Notice You
- Tag other organizations, nonprofits, brands and advocates in your posts
- Contact bloggers about events
- Share your visual content with volunteers
- Get your advocates involved
-Custom backgrounds
-Badges on avatars
Thank You!
Applies Even To Food Bloggers
Compliment Helpful Info With Visual Content
For a copy of this presentation, please visit http://bit.ly/storiesandpictures
Crowd Source From Your Volunteers
- Use their Facebook/Twitter photos
- Create an Instameet to get unique photos
- Have a graphic design contest
- Utilize their expertise!
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