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Winter FA Newsletter 2014

No description

Ken Sawada

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Winter FA Newsletter 2014

Newbury College
Financial Aid Newsletter

Manage Your Money in 2014!
Alumni Spotlight
Words from Reo*
Dear Students:

Don't miss out on free money for college.

By filling out or renewing your FAFSA online, you take or continue to take that crucial step to determine if you qualify for Federal Pell Grant, Massachusetts State Grant, scholarships, institutional awards, and federal student loans. Be sure to submit your FAFSA on or after January 1, 2014 to meet all financial aid deadlines!

Note: Our priority deadline is March 1st.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid: http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/
See the Red
Contact Us!
Financial Aid:
Danielle Wisniowski '06
For Last Names A-H:
Ken Sawada
Associate Director
Favorite Color: Royal Blue
For Last Names I-P:
Dameka Halfkenny
Associate Director
Favorite Color: Red
For Last Names Q-Z:
Ebony Brinson
Financial Aid Counselor
Work Study Coordinator
Favorite Color: Purple
Elreo Campbell
Executive Director
Favorite Color: Blue
Student Accounts:
A short film brought to you by American Student Assistance
JANUARY 2014 Volume 2, Issue 1
Danielle graduated with a degree in Business, played basketball at Newbury and now works for Carter Mario Injury Lawyers as a full time attorney.
How did the Financial Aid Office help you during your time here?
The Financial Aid Office was always available to answer my questions. The Financial Aid process can be confusing, but I felt comfortable going to their office to make sure my paperwork was completed correctly and to see if there were different options available to us.
How was your experience at Newbury?
I went to Newbury as a shy 17 year old who was not sure what she wanted to do with her life. Because of the small community, I was able to form wonderful relationships with other students, professors, and staff members. The position as Admission Ambassador helped me with my fear of public speaking (we gave tours of the campus and spoke at Admission events), and my internship at American Express Financial Advisors allowed me to explore the world of finance. Additionally, I worked at Roggie's in Cleveland Circle part time during my time at Newbury. Holding a job while playing a sport, going to school, and participating in the Admission Ambassador program taught me that time management is an essential skill, and I am forever grateful that I learned it so early on in my adult life. Newbury College is more than "the place I went to college" -- it is the place that I learned who I was, made lasting friendships, and started my career. I am very grateful for the time I had at Newbury College.
*Our Executive Director of Student Financial Services
By Ebony Brinson

“Have you created your SALT log-in?” That is the question that has been buzzing around campus since this past fall semester when Newbury partnered with American Student Assistance (ASA) to provide Newbury’s students with the renowned SALT program. I have good news for you, as a Newbury student you have full access to the SALT program for FREE!

So what is SALT? SALT, a program launched by ASA, educates college students and alumnae on money management through its vibrant, trendy, and highly contemporary website. And let’s admit it, we could all use more knowledge on money management! More importantly, if you have federal student loans SALT is a website worth joining.

What’s great about SALT is its student written articles on anything from saving money, to finding deals at stores like Charlotte Russe, and ways to look your student loan debt in the face and manage it! When you create a login you have access to the site’s job and scholarship search engine and its many resources on paying your loan debt, saving money, creating a budget, or the best places to shop on a budget. This is a wealth of knowledge for FREE!

I have student loans myself and I find the site to be absolutely useful. Not to mention with your SALT log-in you can transfer all of your federal loan information where it will be stored in a highly visual and colorful format with charts and graphs so that you can visualize your borrowed money and figure out how to manage it responsibly. And that is not all, SALT associates are available at their member support line and loan counseling line over the phone.

I cannot encourage you enough to start your new year off right and create your SALT log-in today at SALTmoney.org. Creating the log-in took me less than five minutes! Also, look out for upcoming events on how to maximize the use of your new SALT account hosted by the Financial Aid Office throughout this spring semester.

January 1st: 2014-2015 FAFSA available
January 22nd: Last Day to Add / Drop Classes
February 3rd: FAFSA IRS Data Retrieval Tool available
February 15th: Connecticut State Grant Deadline
March 1st: Newbury College priority filing Deadline
March 1st: Rhode Island State Grant Deadline
April 15th: Federal Tax Filing Deadline
May 1st: Maine, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania State Grant Deadlines
May 2nd: All missing documents must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office
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