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Is White Privilege Prominent in Higher Education?

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Nick Doren

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Is White Privilege Prominent in Higher Education?

What is 'White Privilege'?
A right, advantage, or immunity granted to white persons beyond the common advantage of all others
An exemption in many particular cases from certain burdens or liabilities; Especially in Social Situations.
How does this tie in with higher education?
Another Study by the NCES shows...
That white college faculty members highly outweigh those who are of African American or Hispanic descent :
Cycle of Socialization
C.O.S contributes to this favorable view of whites in high education
For some Hispanics, parents do not have a formal education, and some may be unfamiliar with the system in our country.
For some African American students, their ancestors may have not attended college, therefore providing them no background to attend themselves.
Both of these instances emphasize a lack of enforcement plus a lack of expectations educationally, hence less of these minorities are pushed to attend highly prestigious universities.
Obviously, this is not the case for all Hispanics or all African Americans.
White Privilege in Selective Universities.
Multiple studies and statistics show an unbalance in diversity in the nation's most selective schools.
This unbalance heavily favors people of Caucasian descent and neglects people of color.
What specifically do these studies say?
A recent Georgetown Study states that while 82% of whites go to highly selective schools, only 9% of African Americans, and only 13% of Hispanics accompany them.
Why Should We Care?
As juniors, we will be attending college soon. This flawed system that favors whites undermines the basic principle that all have an equal opportunity to pursue their own happiness.
For many, their happiness requires a premiere education.
In addition, a third study from a book entitled "Opting Out", states that black students who graduate from college consistently strive for lower paying jobs.
This will continue to grow the gap between whites and blacks economically and socially.
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