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Google Apps for Education Presentation

No description

Reed Stolzenfels

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Google Apps for Education Presentation

Google Apps for Education Gmail Google Apps for Education by: J.R.S by: J.R.S Google Apps for Education is a project that includes the question “How can I use the Google Apps for education online tools to incorporate all my work, for all my middle years subjects, to best organize and take advantage of the digital age?" Google has created a new emailing system called Gmail.Gmail is a very useful emailing system. When I use Gmail it is easy and consistent. I have learned many things about Gmail and there are different ways to use it. The first thing I am ables to do is write and manage emails. The first step into writing emails is just pushing the compose button or you can use keyboard shortcuts which can simply be accessed by going into setting and turning it on. When writing an email you can search you contacts to find who you are writing to or you can just write in the address yourself. Once you have wrote your email you can find it and place it in your inbox or in any folder you have previously made. From there, you can add, delete, or remove any email from these folders. This keeps your inbox clean and not crowded. I enjoy Gmail so much more because of the things that I've learned from the Google Apps for Education project that was assigned. Now that I know all the things that Gmail has to offer, I can get the whole use of it. iGoogle Google Apps Store Google Calendar Google Reader EasyBib Google Docs Google Docs is a new cool way to write documents and then share them all over the world. I find that it is amazing to be able to get on any computer and work on your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms and drawings. I learned that all of these are easy to use and pretty much work like Microsoft Word, Office and PowerPoint. In Docs., all of your contacts that you have in Gmail you can share and send the content you have created on Docs. In Docs. I can make any form of school work and then share it with my teachers. Also, I can take all my work and put it into folders, to organize my work. Then I can even share those folders I have created. Docs. is a very easy way to share work with other people and I am glad it was created! I am also glad that I learned the way to use Docs. through this project because now I feel that I get the whole use of it. iGoogle is a page for you to see what is happening all over the world. Also, in this home screen you can catch up on the digital and social world. For example, I love sports so I added the ESPN gadgets for all sports. In these gadgets I get sent all the new stats, score and stories going on in the sports world. I also am a comedy central lover so I added the comedy central gadget and they send me jokes and funny riddles. I also, added the GoComic gadget because I think they are funny and when I get sad or mad they make me feel better. iGoogle was made to give the stories and events that you can't access on the TV or Newspaper. I really like iGoogle because it sends me all the things I like and all I have to do is enjoy them. When I set up my iGoogle it asked me for some background information and my hobbies and likes. Then, they gave me some gadgets to start off with that fit me. Also, you can search every gadget ever made and then you can add all you want. I really like this because of the content I get from it and I am glad that it was introduced to me. I also, am glad that this project taught me about iGoogle because I would had never found it. Google Apps Store is a cool way to make your New Tab page an easy way to access your sites you need. The Apps store consists of millions of apps and shortcuts to get to the websites without having to look them up. For example, I have a lot of school related apps that take me to them with a push of a button. The apps I have chosen are, apps for presentations( Prezi and Voicethread), apps for subjects( GeoGebra, Ancient history and Science Games), apps of google( Drive, Calendar, Gmail, and Google Search). All can easily be accessed by making a new tab and pushing whichever one I want. There are tons of other apps that can be chosen, but these are just for school. I also chose some games when I am bored and don't have to do homework. The apps store also has extensions. Extensions are like apps, but are put into the top right corner of the screen. They all have their own cool features and do all kinds of things. For example, I have the Easybib extension. The Easybib extension gives me a bibliography of any article or story I am reading on the internet. So if I need to cite my source for a school project I can just click the Easybib extension and it gives it to me. This is really cool because of how easy it is to get the information I need for the sources of things. I really enjoy the app store and plan to add more apps soon. Google Calendar is a very useful tool for school, jobs, and events. I really enjoy that I can schedule any event I want and I get a notice on my Google( iGoogle, Docs., Gmail, and Google Search. When I am using Google Calendar I can schedule classes, assignments, social events, sporting events, and anything I want. It is really easy to just get the information you need for the event and then just put into your Google Calendar and it will give you a notice. You also can set the notice time ( two hours ahead, 1 hour ahead etc.). As you do this you are setting yourself up to be prepared for that event. Also, you can share your calendar with other people to give them your events or to remind them of an event. This is a huge tool to keep you organized and on top of your busy schedule. I am really glad I have this tool and it really does keep me organized because of it's reminders. I am on my computer a lot and every time I am on it and if I have an event I will notice it. Since I have learned how to use it, I am now on top of all my school work and my busy schedule. Google Reader is very similar to iGoogle. Google Reader is very useful if you are book lover. Google Reader has the stories and books that you subscribe to get. I really like Sports so I subscribed for the ESPN subscriber and now I get all the story's ESPN sends out. My mom has a business in the U.S and I subscribed for her subscriber and now if she sends something out I get it. I also subscribed for the Denver Broncos subscriber because they are my favorite team and I love to hear the news and read the stories they send out. This is a really cool way to hear about the things you like and get the story's you wouldn't see in a magazine or newspaper. I like this and hope that I can find some new story's to read. EasyBib is a cite that gives you a free bibliography. There are many times that I am reading an article that I need for school and I don't know how to cite the article than I can just push the EasyBib extension I added on the google app store. This is a really easy way to cite my sources for school. I really like this extension because of the quick way of citing my sources and now I don't have to worry about them. I am glad I found this extension and it is really easy so it didn't take a longtime to learn at all. What I Learned This project has taught me so much about technology and how I can use it to my advantage. In this day and age I am expected to be able to write reports and make presentations on the computer. My parents never even used a computer during their schooling. Learning has changed from remembering information to being able to access it. With the information I've learned about computers and the new digital age, I will really be able to use it all to my advantage and be able to be successful in life. I want to keep learning more and more because the more I learn the more I will be successful. So that is why I will keep using Google Apps for Education because this is what I need to have the life I always wanted.
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