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No description

Andrea Schjoedt

on 16 March 2018

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Transcript of Convicts

Convicts in Australian
The First Convicts
The first Convicts where sent to Australian in 1787. Many of the convicts where thieves and was poor. If a person steal just a turkey, a sheep or just a piece of bread.
How long should they be in Australian
What did they eat
a convicts diet was very bland and tasteless
When they arrived
When the convicts arrive there were interviewed and asked about their previous life
A job
If the convicts a skilled worker could it get a job example a carpenter they could get a job as carpenter. A convicts life was very hard and many convicts were treated as slaves.
Bread roll and porridge
Bread roll and dried meat
A convict should be in Australian in less seven years. After seven years they can sail back to England or they could live as normal people in Australian and they could get a normal job.
bread roll and dried meat
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