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Journey of my Life;Trinity Harling

No description

Miriam Tyson

on 5 April 2014

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Transcript of Journey of my Life;Trinity Harling

Journey of my Life;Trinity Harling
Place of Birth
Proud to be born and raised in
Philadelphia ,PA!
Le Family
Sister:Monay H.,GiGi H(Ajisa)
Brother:Malachi H
Mama:Delores H
Papi:Micheal H.
Favorite Games
COD:IIal Combat
Modern Warfare
Mortal Combat
Favorite Song
Young and Beautiful
Cant Hold Us
If You Anit Talkin Money
Safe and Sound
Counting Stars
Roar(For Le Ms.Tyson :3)
Dark Horse
Holy Grail
Just Hold On We're Going Home
**not gonna list anymore**;3

Things that I dont like
judgemental people
mean people
annying people
vibe killers
my brother -.-
Things that i like
4th period
fried chicken
colla greens
dat watermelon
got dat grape soda
dat mash
friends...not gonna list no more :3
Smile!Ya look Good!....i think :3
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