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Goals vs Strategies: The Writing Process

Having goals in mind when writing is great, but the frustration felt during the process is real. Don't give up; get smart about your strategy. Plan and attack.

Lynette Surie

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Goals vs Strategies: The Writing Process

The back and forth of drafting
Once, twice, three times?
Goals and Systems: The Writing Process
Marinate Ideas &
Seek Others

Talk about your thoughts
Get working!
A "working draft" is for
the writer
. It changes shape, content, and structure a lot!
Some Writing Goals: Intro, Body, Conclusion
All essays begin, discuss, and end
Stuck? Gather Feedback
From just talking to someone to an in-class peer review, others can help clarify, explore, expand, and shape your paper.
How to Begin: Root Your Writing System
Pre-Writing (work before you get started) comes in many forms
"Storm Writing"
Free writing
The speedy, messy process of writing, listing, drawing, and free-associating for a set amount of time. Just go wild on the page.
Writing without stopping or editing yourself for a set amount of time
Questions - Who, What, When, Where, Why, How
Goals are great!
We love the end goal!
But goals have to be clear, achievable, and super sexy
(so you want to do them)
For many people goals fizzle out,
because the "how" of the goal gets lost in the daily/weekly grind towards the goal.
Instead, focus on creating an awesome system, not end results.
Flip the script
If you completely ignored your goals and focused on your system instead, would you still get the same results?
Could you get even better results?
Shift your focus to the process and work on repeatable actions
Read 10 pages at every lunch
Look up 2 new words every morning and learn how to use them
When studying, condense every paragraph into
one sentence -
keep a running tab on
"the point"
Journal for 10 minutes when you get up and 10 minutes before you sleep - everyday
As a writer, you can invest in systems/processes that pay off huge rewards!
You need to feed your essay quality nutrients
Make Assertions and ask questions
Play with examples to make them more vivid
Keep expanding and organizing until you are satisfied that you have answered all of the prompt/topic/thesis, fully.
Your "first draft" is for your audience.
Remember your audience
Most of the time, the audience is a fiction. Writers need to picture what the audience knows, how much they need to know, what their objections and desires are, and somehow write
The key is to have a very specific thesis statement to discuss and explore in the body.
The discussion, or body, has many branches and you can explore each in ever-close detail.
The essay body is full of leaves - your examples;
your audience is not in your head and can not see how you are thinking about a topic. You need to get in there and show them.
They say that for writers drafting never ends; it's the looming deadline that makes us stop working on our writing. In the meantime, we tweak, shape, and try to get our point
crystal clear.
In the end, your essay will grow into a healthier fruit if you focus on the system/process
Heck Yes!
Or make reading the thing to do before bed every night
Let's look at one writer's process
Goals and writing: Strategy is key!
The process may be confusing or our strategy missing, so we get frustrated and give up.
Need/Want to read more?
Need/Want to increase your vocabulary?
Have to really understand what you read?
Want to be a better writer? Need ideas?
Smoother writing sessions
Easier production of great essays
Better grades/higher GPA
Most importantly, habits that will help your in life
Note: Readers are not "fixing" essays in draft form. They give feedback; they can help writers understand how readers actually read essays.
draft needs to be solely for the audience. They don't get the opportunity to ask for clarity or explanation from the writer in the end.
Thus, Peer-Review in a writing class is a great opportunity for filling gaps and exploring other ideas.
This way, when you conclude, you have met a goal of logically presenting your examples and reasoning.
Any bare branches, or unexplained reasons, leaves a reader wondering and filling in gaps on their own.
Goal/Aim: Don't make your reader work too hard! Trying to figure out what you mean, how you read something, or how it connects to the larger tree is not the reader's job; it's yours.
This is a real system for a real blogger.
Figure out how you can create a similar system for writing in college.
Get Active in the Process
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