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Untitled Prezi

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Lorna Bishopp

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

A journey through primary school using diaries TEACHING RECOUNT LOWER PRIMARY Familiarising Analysing Modelling Sharing Guiding Applying Immersion
Key questions
Language Re-read
Key questions
Collaborative poster MIDDLE PRIMARY Familiarising Analysing Modelling Sharing Guiding Applying UPPER PRIMARY Familiarising Analysing Modelling Sharing Guiding Applying Shared language experience
Whole class input Collaborative work
Drafting Model what you want from the students
Preplanned script
Think aloud statements Publish! A Day in Year One by Year 1B Students view
Teacher reads
Guided questions Classroom analysis of 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid'
Discuss and label text structure
Discuss language features
As a class create a structure guide for a diary Model a 'Wimpy Kid' diary entry, thinking out loud and using the
class diary guide Whole class experience
Students recount a previous
school day
Focus on language and the
features of a diary In small groups
Creative thinking to stimulate ideas
Drafting Students select a character, created in the guiding phase
Write a diary entry describing ‘a day in the life of their character’
Publish Picture to describe Examples! Structure, Elements and Language Task: Quotes supporting topic Action Verbs Past Tense First Person Sequential & In order } Brainstorm some ideas! Practice Recount: Last Holiday *Self Assessment Checklists Student- Student Collaboration Effective Feedback Break entry down into manageable parts Use checklist (and teacher) as a guide Have I included all my information? Did I capture my readers attention? Was my information relevant & historically accurate? Persuasive words & Action Verbs First Person & Past Tense Was it believable Practice! Can you guess the feeling..? Game Students write their own recount of a day in the life of Anne Frank WWII Pilot. Royal Diaries. Charlotte McKenzie Diary of Anne Frank Use assessment checklist & feedback Decorate! Follow class structure outline Intro, para etc What information? Tense, form, linguistics Develop a 'Class Structure' Exploring recount through diary entries: from lower to upper primary. Ideas? Graphic Organizers
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