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The modern lifestyle: Social basic aspects of our daily living.

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Carlos Hidalgo

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of The modern lifestyle: Social basic aspects of our daily living.

Internet, the new social order. Part of the daily social interaction in the modern society could not be possible without the "Internet".
Internet had become not just a way of communication, but the mother of the daily interrelation in human race.
Social media offers the modern society be "in touch" of everything in a matter of seconds; communication now it's defined by the fast lifestyle that new generations brought to the humankind. 2010's: An era of progress. With the end of the first decade of the new era, it comes the "economical peace", the main powers of the world had led behind the philosophy of "Economical conquer" and had start using the state income in the development of science and technology.
The new century opens itself with plenty of economical resources, and the actual worries of society relays on "What I'm gonna wear today".
With the rise of the "Technological Revolution", the world now is facing more sophisticated technologies, and the world itself, had become a "Techno-lover", and we have made the world fit in your own pocket.

The modern lifestyle:
Social aspects of our daily living. About politics and economics. Since the economical peak in the middle 2000's, a lot of new powers have reach the peak in what economy is referred, this have lead to a lot of important laces between the main world powers that have give a chance to the new political idea of "Colective progress" This ends up giving us the living stability that we'd really like to enjoy. The social epitome. Social webs have made their own celebrities, and the old-fashioned idea of a "Social epitome" is now out, the spontaneous interrelations that Social webs offer make the society capable of defining not just a social idol, but a lot of them.
Although this, fashion and modern pop culture let us glorify some people that could be considered as 'Idols".
Nowadays, is not a matter of a person, but an idea, the idea of the "Popular achievement" what is lurked. The dominance of youth: World of youngsters The younger generations have become the "Stars" of actual society, and are the ones that are building this new order. Therefore, the youngsters are the target of the commercial projects, and are the ones who determine what should be "On top" and what shouldn't, it's a world of youngsters, to the youngsters... By Charlie Underwood Thanks for watching! :)
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