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Codification vs Non-Codification

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Andrew Wilson

on 29 September 2016

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Transcript of Codification vs Non-Codification

The UK Constitution
The UK has an uncodified constitution, but not an unwritten one.
ALL the arguments...
In the handout you have been given ALL of the arguments for and against the UK having a codified constitution...

For next lesson you will need to have read through them all...you will need to have picked out at least 2 for and 2 against...and be able to come to your own opinion on whether the UK should have a codified constitution or not...
If the UK has all these written elements - why are they not all in one place?
Codification vs Non-Codification
Codification, written, uncodified and unwritten...
Codification: The process of setting out a constitution in an organised way in a single document. In other words, it has a single source.
Next lesson...
Assessed Essay time...

'Should the UK adopt a codified constitution?' 25 marks...
If a constitution has to do so many things why does the UK not have a codified one?
Several key elements of the UK Constitution are written - although entrenchment remains an issue
Magna Carta
The Petition Of Right - set out the rights of citizens
The Bill of Rights
The Act of Settlement - controls succession to the Crown
The Parliaments Act - sets out the powers of the separate Houses of Parliament
The Representation of the Peoples Act - established universal suffrage
The European Communities Act
The Scottish, Welsh and N. Ireland devolution Acts
Human Rights Act
Freedom of Information Act
Data Protection Act
The Ministerial Code
Doctrine of Parliamentary Supremacy
Historical reasons
Plan for this - based on your combined scores from Ms McGhies essay and this I am going to be assessing who should stay on the course!
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