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Lesson 7: The House at the Edge of the Woods

No description

Jimmy Simmons

on 22 September 2015

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Transcript of Lesson 7: The House at the Edge of the Woods

Lesson 7: The House at the Edge of the Woods
Let's look back at your reading from yesterday to think about how your reading sounds.
Look at pg 16. At the beginning of this memoir, the writer said that she played with fish eyes. At the end, the writer goes back to that idea to make a nice ending.
Word Study
what wh/at
could c/ould
here h/ere
along a/long
because be/cause
before be/fore
"The House at the Edge of the Woods"
Today you have an exciting new book called......
Turn the book over and read the paragraph on the back cover.
Comprehension: Analyze
Let's look back at your reading from yesterday to talk about your thinking.
Yesterday, you read a memoir called "Growing Up by the Sea".
When an Author writes a memoir, sometimes they write to remember exactly how something looked or sounded.
They might also write a memoir to help readers understand their experience.

Notice aspects of a writer's craft in a memoir and a mystery.
Notice and interpret clues in a mystery.
Infer a writer's message from the text.
Read with phrasing to interpret a writer's meaning.
Notice and use punctuation to guide reading.
Read page 8:

What did Carrie Waters, the author, do to help you understand what it was like in the boat when her dad hauled up the lobster trap?

You noticed:
strong words like zip and shot
the words for sound like Zttt
How Carrie told about the sun on the water drops making little rainbows.
The writer used words to make you feel like you were right there in the boat.

Listen to how I use the marks to make a little pause as I read.
Notice how I put the words together and how I use punctuation to pace my reading.


Now stand up and mix-pair-share and then you and your partner will take turns reading the passage to each other.
Phrased reading 7
Word Lotto
Get a partner
Each person gets a game board and each pair gets word cards and chips.
Place all word cards face down.
Take turns picking a word card and reading it out loud.
use the chips to cover the word that was read.
First person to put a chip on every word in a row wins.
What are you thinking this book will be like?
Look at page 2
The story begins in a mysterious way. Read the first sentence!
Ava and Miles are looking at a house at the edge of the woods, and they see a shadow moving in the window.
Turn the page.
There are Ava and Miles. Miles has found a newspaper clipping by his locker.
On page 7, you can read what the news clipping says. The article is about a man who built the house at the edge of the woods. He disappeared fifty years ago. The article says the man was always hinting that he had hidden a treasure in the house.
What does "hinting" mean?
To hint means "to give a clue."
The article hints that there is a treasure in the house!

What are you thinking?
What do you think Ava and Miles are thinking?
Miles and Ava are thinking about the treasure, but they stopped reading the newspaper article out loud because they saw Andrew Miller, a new kid at school, was looking their way.
Can You find Andrew in the Picture?
Miles and Ava finish reading the rest of the article silently.
Can you find the word silently?
The news paper article says the disappearance of the man is a cold case.
What does cold case mean?
Miles wants to go
back to the house, but Ava does
not want to go because she is afraid
of being eaten by a mountain lion. Ava
thinks that an animal like a mountain lion might be the shadow moving in the window.

If you go to page 10, you will see Ava and Miles
at the house at the edge of the woods again.
Do you think they should
go in the house?
At you table discuss your thinking.

Page 11 - find the word echoed.

Look at pages
12 and13.
Ava and Miles are in the house.
On page 13 the writer says that
"fear clamped her mouth shut."

What do you think that means?

That phrase really
helps you know how
scared Ava was. She couldn't
even open her mouth to scream!

Ava and Miles were really frightened but, the also really wanted to solve the mystery of the shadow.

What question are you thinking of when you think about the

Now, let's READ!!!!!
As you read, think about the type of kid Miles is.
You will find out a lot about him as the story ends.
Learning from Context
There are two interesting words on page 6.
What does squeeze mean?
What does the photograph show you?
Formulate a question based off the picture.
What is similar about the word squirts and squeeze?
Talk in your groups about squirting and squeezing. Formulate a question about the information on page 6!
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