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Circle Of Life!

No description

Josey Curley

on 20 October 2015

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Transcript of Circle Of Life!

I dont know if my family has a religion. I think I do!
I love to see my friends, and to learn about what I like.
They are there when I need them.
They are there when I need them, and when they need me.
School Work
School work is imporant because I want to be on the honor roll!
My values are, honesty,faith,
cooperation, enthusiam,and charity.
My personal strengths
I dont have any school activites, I have a lot at home! I love to bake anything,playing baseball!
My personal strengths are, kindness, respect,and honesty.
How does my strengths makes my school stronger?
*School goes with School work
*family goes with firends
*faith goes with family
*sports goes with firends and family!
My favorite baseball team is the St. Louis Cardinals!
I like the sport, Baseball! I love to play it with my family and friends!
My circles relate to other circles, because they are all about me and they show what I'm like.
Circle Of Life! By:
Josey Curley :)

Goals for my school year
I really want to be on the honor roll all year around, and pass 7th grade, with all A's!
I hope you learned a little about me and what my circles are and what I like to do!
how are we all a part of the circles of life?
We are related some how, we live in the same communities, like the same sports, and we have a family!
*respect my techers and friends *tell the truth * have kindess!
How are circles inter-connected?
*Strengths go with school, *school goes with school work,*faith goes with family,*community goes with school, * family goes with community, *activites go with family, and *activites go with school!
I don't have any school activites, but I have a lot at home!
I love to bake and play baseball!
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