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Stop-Motion video

No description

Stephanie Palacios

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Stop-Motion video

Stop-Motion Video Using a tripod and only moving your object will make it appear as though your object is moving through your frame. Keep the object in the same area in each frame. After you take your first photograph move your object the way you want it to travel and take another photo. Move the obeject the same distance and take another photo, continue this until u have your object were you want it to be. Step 1: shoot your animation After you have captured your photograph you will need to put them onto your computer. For the Mac you will be using iPhoto and iMovie. First put your photos to iPhoto and give them their own album. When your photos are put in their file close iPhoto and open iMovie. Step 2: Download your photos Fist you open iMovie then create a new iMovie project and name it what you like. Then click on the Media button and then on your timeline select photos. Step 3: Find Your Photos in iMovie Step 4: Animate your photos In order for your animated short play properly, you must tell iMovie how long you want each photo to appear before showing the next one. If you use the 3 frames-per-photo you can easily estimate how many photos you'll need to create a movie of a given length. Time in iMovie appears in “0:00 format (see figure 3). The number before the colon is the number of seconds and the number after the colon is the number of frames (so 3 frames-per-photo looks like this “0:03). This next step is very important in Imovie select all the photos in your stop motion album. Now click "show photo settings" and type in "0.03" for your duration in the floating window that appears. Click the Apply button and your photos will start getting sucked into the timeline at the bottom of the window. Once iMovie’s finished filling the timeline, hit play.You just created your first stop-motion animated video short! To fine tune your animation, you can slow it down by choosing to use more than 3 frames-per-photo. You can also add music to your short by dragging MP3s or AIFF files files to the timeline, or browsing your iTunes library from within iMovie. To share your video, you'll want to convert it to quicktime. The steps in this process depend on which version of iMovie you are using. In general look for "export" or "share" options, and try one of the default options. Your Imovie help section will have more detail on exporting to quicktime. Step 5: Final Touches Example
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