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Alexandra Tan

on 2 October 2012

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Best Things About Summer By: Alex Tan and
Georgia Giron POPSICLE Disney World! SHOPPING! WATCHING SPONGEBOB ALL DAY! You could play games all you want! Popsicle's are the best, especially when it's hot! Sun glasses make you look cool, and protect your eyes too! for me, watching Sponge Bob, is like a big part of everyone's childhood. Spending quality time with your family in Disney is the best! Just grab that controller, sit down, and play! SUNGLASSES!~ Relax! It's summer, be easy on yourself and enjoy while you can! Just chill, and take a break! Nothing wrong with sleeping, it's also my thing so go ahead and join the club! Curling up in bed is also summer! Shopping is another way to buy stuff while hanging out! Sleepovers are so fun, you will want to do it again and again with your best gals! Having sleepovers with your best friend is the best way to hang out with them! Great way to keep yourself fit, and is also fun when done with family or friends. Having fun outside playing sports? Sun dresses are really stylish and they fit well with summer weather! Time to lose the winter clothes and get your sun dresses out! They are very stylish, easy to wear, and easy to match. Flip Flops Computers are fun! But nothing beats... Oh sweet mama, your in dream land! CHEESECAKE! dipping your face in chocolate cake is the best feeling in the world, And, chocolate cake..... WATER a good soak in the pool. SWIMMING Soaking in the sun, tanning, and swimming! YEAH! THE BEACH! Like Surfing! WATER SPORTS . KAYAK FISHIES! scuba diving Relaxing in the water, be careful, don't fall asleep! Or just floating there... The feeling of exhilaration on a ride will surely create a great memory of summer! SCARY RIDES! Taking memorable family pics Keep your memories forever, for they are the key to your past. A lunch with your family or friends outside can be a great way to spend summer. :) Family Picnics enjoy times with your family, they are going to be the best thing that ever happened in your life, Hanging out with your family They could also be used for educational purposes and they could just be for pure entertainment! For the pictures, we all got them from images.google.com
From the information-
our brain :)
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