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Healthy Eating-The Big Idea!

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autum hewitt

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Healthy Eating-The Big Idea!

Healthy Eating-The Big Idea!
What is healthy eating?
Healthy eating consists of consuming the right types and quantities of foods that offer an ideal balanced lifestyle and diet. This is a combination of foods considered healthy and those that are also considered unhealthy.
What are the changes we are trying to implement?
Gym Induction
Vending Machines
Review Prices
WOK Station
Gym Inductions
Vending Machines
Reviewed Pricing
WOK station
One day per week
of healthy eating
The reason why we have decided to introduce fruit smoothies into the college menu is because they are seen as a healthy luxury item. We have carried out some test marketing and students and staff both loved the options that were chosen. As the college has previously had smoothies in their menu’s and it failed, we have researched numerous amounts of promotional types and believe that we could make them popular.

We are going to speak to ABM catering and see if they will introduce fruit smoothies into their packages so that they can be brought into the college straight away. If not the tendering process is up next year and if the college decide not to stick with ABM we can always ask other companies.

There are two types of smoothie’s in which the college could purchase and they are to buy already made drinks or buy fresh fruit and a blender and create them ourselves. We have carried out some secondary research and it is proven that buying already made smoothies would be cheaper than buying fresh fruit and creating them ourselves.

We decided that as part of our change plan we would implement healthy vending machines into college, as well as the current vending machines available. We want to have one vending machine dedicated to healthy foods, such as breakfast bars, smoothies, fruit juice, low fat/calorie snacks.

We wanted to include this in our change because students who answered the questionnaires mentioned that they felt the current food options were unhealthy and also felt that the drinks available in college were mainly unhealthy. In order to tackle this, we wanted to incorporate more healthy snacks and drinks, as people also said they enjoyed things such as fruit bags and nutrigrain bars, which are not currently available.

We want to try and encourage ABM to implement the healthy vending machines into college within the next few months, however this may not be possible for them to do.

If this cannot be done, the vending machines will be implemented next year, as this is when the current tender ends, and the college will be looking at different catering companies. This means the college can look for a company that would be willing to implement our new ideas.

The prices we want to charge for the food we intend to put into the vending machines are as follows-

Nutrigrain/aplen bars- 60p
Special k cracker crisps- 70p
Fruit bags- 60p
Walkers sunbites-70p
Snack a jacks- 60p
Fruit smoothies- £1
Pure fruit juice- 90p

We choose these prices as we can get the products in bulk to sell in college, therefore they can be sold slightly cheaper, also these products are mostly cheaper than the current vending machines, giving students an incentive to eat healthily.

Some of the ideas for the contents of the vending machines were:

Nutrigrain/alpen bars
Special K cracker crisps
Fruit bags (grapes, apple slices, melon chunks etc.)
Walker sunbites crisps
Snack a jacks
Fruit smoothies
Pure fruit juice (orange, apple, tropical etc.)

We thought of these ideas because they were easy to eat in college and because the students used in the research highlighted some of these foods as what they would eat outside of college, and things they enjoyed.

We have decided gym inductions would be good for college as not many students use the gym because they are unsure of how to use it. Many people within college have never used gym equipment before so may feel embarrassed trying to use it.
It will also be safer for students if they are shown how to use the equipment as there can be many dangers within a gym.

Gym inductions would be ran throughout the year and can be signed on to through connect, a student would sign up to it and state a column they are free. A PE teacher would then contact them to arrange a time when they can be shown the gym induction.
Gym inductions will be done with groups of students in order to save the PE departments time.

There is no costing for a gym induction as we already have a gym and the PE department have frees.
The only cost involved would be the frees of the teachers who would be willing to do it for students, we are expecting it to go quieter throughout the year and be quite busy at first.

Gym inductions would be member of the PE department showing students how to use the equipment within the gym properly. PE teachers could also teach students to do the gym inductions to save time for the teachers.
This will enable them to be able to start and stop a machine safely, and also be able to measure all of their health rates on the machine to ensure they are not over working themselves.

One day a week of healthy eating
There are a lot of unhealthy options available to students within college every day, as a team we feel that this is causing too much temptation for students to make healthier choices.
The first thing you see when you walk in the canteen is the hot pizzas and chips, if we take these away and put in place a warm healthy meal instead then students will have to think about what they are going to eat.

Our idea is to have one day per week where we take away all of the unhealthy food in the canteen, for this day only chips may be replaced by pasta and pizza may be replaced by soup.
We do not feel that this is restricting the students of their own choices as they still have the option to leave college and get something from the burger van or Bazza’s if they wish to.

We are hoping to implement this plan as soon as possible, and are hoping that the healthy eating day will be on a Tuesday. We feel that this day would be best as it is at the start of the week, so students may carry on making healthier choices throughout the week.

The only additional cost of making one day per week of healthy eating will be the cost of the meal replacements. We do not feel that this will be a large cost as the meals are expected to be only a small amount higher as they will be fresher ingredients.

We believe it is important to have the prices reviewed because at the moment for certain products they are a little to expensive.
There is a considerable amount of students and staff who will purchase food from other organisations such as Bazzas burger van and Spar which is located down the road from the College. By reviewing the prices we are hopefully going to be able to improve the prices so that both staff and students feel comfortable to purchase food and drink from the college premises.

We hope to review the prices of the most popular food in college such as the hot food options like pasta and also the colder such as sandwiches and cold pre-made pasta.
Also, we want to show ABM that there is the opportunity to increase more healthy eating into the college alongside the some of the original food options but at a price that is seen as reasonable and not expensive.
We do not want to take unhealthy options away from students and staff, so we will not be reviewing the prices of this food. We would just like to make healthier options more appealing

Process of reviewing the prices will be long and will take a considerable amount of time.
We hope to have the prices reviewed for when the new college year begins in September 2014.
We want to ensure that the prices are reasonable for the students and staff to pay.

As you can see, compared with competitors the colleges food prices are sky high. A particular fact that was brought forward was that to have a sandwich or Panini made at the time of purchase it cost more than to buy them pre-packed. They are the same sandwich with the same ingredients. But, because there made fresher than the pre-packed they cost more. It is fairly obvious that the college is loosing custom from students because they will purchase there dinner from Bazza’s, the burger van and Spar, because not only are they cheaper they are also close in proximity to the college.

A freshly cooked stir fry in front of staff and students with the ingredients that they want within their food.The ingredients will be fresh and sourced locally for the college. The stir fry's will be available all week with a variation of chicken,turkey,prawns and beef.
Its a fun new way to experience food within college,it will be cheaper as produce will be bought in bulk and sourced locally within the area making transportation costs lower and helping to support local business.
This will give students and staff control over what they are eating.
The cost of the stir fry's will depend on the ingredients. For chicken the price will be £1.50,plain vegetable could be £1.20 and any other filling can be £1.95.
I think this is a fair price as it is all under £2.00 for a filling meal that wont require any additional as it will include vegetables a possible sauce and a filling.
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