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Vancouver International Airport

No description

Christian Camille

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Vancouver International Airport

History of the
Vancouver International
Airport Construction of the Vancouver Airport began. City of Vancouver leases the airport out to the Federal Government
World War II marked a period of expansion for the airport. The Department of Transport purchases Vancouver International Airport from the city for $2.5 million. Significant expansions to international air service at YVR happened during this time. Vancouver airport received many awards and acknowledgments. In the beginning, there was no airport but only vast, empty space. July 22, 1931 was when the Vancouver Civic Airport and Sea Plane Harbor officially opened on Sea Island. But before construction, they asked, "Where should the location be?" In 1928, the Vancouver Assembly pointed out many important things to the government regarding the airport they planned on building. They also discussed what they needed to make an efficient airport. Finding territory to use for the airport was important. There were nine possible locations to build the airport. Major Crowley pointed out that the best sites he saw were Sea Island and Second Narrows Burrard Inlet Sea Island was the better choice as it was cheaper and more accessible. In December of 1928 the Air Board gave Vancouver the go ahead for their plans to purchase the land. The process of buying the airport land was expensive because they had to buy land from farmers The first land was bought from from James Erskine Construction of the airport finally began in 1930 September, 1930, was when the cornerstone was laid for the official Administration Building Then July 22, 1931 was when the Vancouver Airport and Seaplane Harbor officially opened An Air Pageant and Show was staged for the first four days of the opening and this event greatly helped popularize the new Vancouver Airport. It didn’t take very long for the Vancouver Airport to become considered as one of the best on the Pacific Coast The airport had two hard surfaced runways but many people agreed that planes could have landed on the surrounding grass if it was ever necessary. The airport also had two large hangars that cost around $80,000 The Administration building cost $22,000 to build and equip and it had space for all passengers to remain in while waiting for possibly harsh weather to blow over. Although the airport had first class facilities the airport was run on an economy basis.
Majority of the flights from the airport in the early days were sightseeing tours of the city and its environment. The start of commercial air transportation service was in 1934. They needed to find a flat open space where pilots could land safely. "There is no fit field to land on”
- Charles Lindbergh, famous aviator. On November 1936, a dawn to dusk patrol was undertaken by seven women pilots. In 1936, the Federal Department of Transport was formed and the airport was greatly improved The Airport and World War 2 In 1939, when World War 2 began, the YVR airport became a defense zone for the RCAF A large Boeing factory was established on Sea Island to build aircraft for the war effort The Vancouver Air Training School, formerly the Aero Club, put young men through eight weeks of air training More land was purchased by the federal government for airport due to space the RCAF needed “It was a radical new phase, we now had to assume responsibility first to His Majesty and second to the taxpayers of Vancouver.”
-William Templeton William Templeton remained as the civilian manager of the airport throughout the war. Timeline of Vancouver International Airport 1930 1960's 1940's 1980's 2000's Did you know?

The first Montreal to Vancouver flight took 17 hours and 30 minutes CGY AIRLINES Thank you for listening!
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