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Copy of Copy of BTEC SPORT

No description

Nathan Thomas

on 23 August 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of BTEC SPORT

UNIT 1- Principles of Anatomy and Physiology in Sport
Skeletal System

Muscular System

Cardiovascular System

Energy Systems
UNIT 2- The Physiology of Fitness
Acute Exercises

Long Term Effects

Physiological Effects
UNIT 3- Assessing Risk in Sport
Influence Health and Safety

Risk Assessments

Maintaining Safety

Safe Sporting Activity
UNIT 4- Fitness Training and Programming
Methods of Fitness Training

Plan Fitness Session

Plan Fitness Programme

Review Fitness Training Programme
UNIT 24- Physical Education and the care of Young People and Children
Structure P.E within the Curriculum

Importance of P.E in Society

Structure lesson of P.E

Responsibilities of Working with Children
UNIT 23- Organising Sports Events
Different Sports Events

Roles and Responsibilities of Sports Events

Plan and Promote Sports Events

Deliver Sports Events

Review Planning and Delivery of Sports Events
UNIT 22- Rules, Regualtions and Officiating In Sport
Rules, Laws and Regulations of Sports

Roles and Rwesponsibilities of Officials

Performance of Officials

Officiating Effectively
UNIT 21- Sport and Exercise Massage
Effects and Benefits of Sport Massage

Roles of Sport Massage Professionals

Massage Requirements for Athletes

Review Sport Massage Techniques
UNIT 5- Sports Coaching
Roles, Responsibilities and Skills of Sport Coaches

Techniques used by Coaches to improve performance

Plan a Sports Coaching Session

Deliver and Review a Sports Coaching Session
UNIT 18- Sports Injuries
Correct Identifications of Risk Factors

Range of Sports Injuries and their Symptoms

Methods of Treating Sports Injuries
UNIT 6- Sports Developments
Key Concepts in Sports Developments

Key Providers of Sports Developments

How quality is measured in Sports Developments

Sports Development in Practice
UNIT 7- Fitness Testing for Sport and Exercise
Lab Based and Field Based Fitness Tests

Health Screening Techniques

Administer Appropriate Fitness Tests

Interpret the Results of Fitness Tests and Provide Feedback
UNIT 8- Practical Team Sports
Skills, Techniques and Tactics needed in Team Sports

Rules and Regulations in Team Sports

Assess own performance in Team Sports

Assess Performance of other Teams
UNIT 9- Practical Individual Sports
Skills, Techniques and Tactics in Individual Sports

Rules and Regulations in Individual Sports

Assess own performance in Individual Sports

Assess performance of other People
Organisation and Provision of OAA

Safety Associated with OAA

Participate in OAA

Review own performance in OAA
UNIT 11- Sports Nutrition

Know the concepts of nutrition and digestion
Know energy intake and expenditure in sports performance
Know the relationship between hydration and sports performance
Be able to plan a diet appropriate for a selected sports activity.
UNIT 12- Current Issues In Sport
Know how sport has developed in the UK
Know how media and technology influence modern sport
Know how contemporary issues affect sport
Understand the cultural influences and barriers that affect participation in sports activities.
UNIT 13- Leadership In Sport

Know the qualities, characteristics and roles of effective sports leaders

Know the importance of psychological factors in leading sports activities

Be able to plan a sports activity

Be able to lead a sports activity.
UNIT 17- Psycology for Sports Performance
Know the effect of personality and motivation on sports performance
Know the relationship between stress, anxiety, arousal and sports performance
Know the role of group dynamics in team sports
Be able to plan a psychological skills training programme to enhance sports performance.
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