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What is Creative Nonfiction?

No description

Christin Geall

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of What is Creative Nonfiction?

A Visual Guide Creative Nonfiction Here are a few... Creative Nonfiction CNF is composed
of numerous sub-genres The Essay The essay is one of the most diverse forms of creative nonfiction. Explore Literary Journalism Literary journalism can be defined as reportorial- based, narrative driven, long-form nonfiction. Like creative nonfiction, literary journalism uses fictional techniques, to tell true stories. Memoir A memoir is a reminiscence based on memory, told most often in the first-person. Memoir usually tells a story from a life, not the story of a whole life (that's autobiography). The Lyric Essay

The Video Essay

The Exploratory Essay

The Persuasive Essay The persuasive essay

You know, the one where you try to convince the reader of something... The Video Essay

Yes, through words and text we can tell a true story.
"Video essays use audiovisual materials to research and explore topics in an objective, subjective, or even poetic manner. Like written essays, video essays may contain an introduction, argument, supporting evidence, and conclusion. The simultaneity of sound, visual, text, and voice and the rhythms of editing and juxtaposition can create complex patterns of meaning and association.' (Design lab) The personal essay

An essay where you explore a memory, an idea, or subject. Personal essays are as a varied as the people who write them! The Exploratory Essay

You don't have to know everything about a subject to write an essay. The word 'essay' is from the French 'essayer', meaning to try to attempt. Travel writing
Food writing
Sports writing
writing A work of creative nonfiction might be argumentative, meditative, exploratory, expository, lyrical, reportorial, whimsical, interrogative, or poetic. But no matter the form or style, the emphasis in creative nonfiction is on the use of inventive and dramatic techniques to support fact-based narratives.

In other words, writers of creative nonfiction tell the truth, or try to find it. Creative nonfiction let's you your thoughts about the world The End
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