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Because of Winn-Dixie movie/book

No description

cheryl turner

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Because of Winn-Dixie movie/book

Story Summary Opal & her daddy, the preacher, move to a new home in Naomi, Florida. Opal went to the store for some groceries and returned with a homeless, smelly, ugly dog. She soon makes friends with many people in the community and learns more about herself, her daddy and her mamma that left when she was 3. It’s a heartwarming story where the dog seems to be the tie that binds. The movie/book Comparison Because of Winn-Dixie Characters There were two characters in the movie that did not exist in the book. There was a police officer who seemed to try to stir up trouble. The trailer park’s owner/landlord was a protagonist for the keeping of the Winn-Dixie. He had a “no pet” policy that the preacher was going to have to follow or move out. This problem was not in the story at all. It was a fine addition to the plot and was believable. OTIS The character of Otis, was an interesting one. He served time in jail and he had this magical way with music. It was almost as if he had a little chemical imbalance or something (in the book). He was a sweet simple guy in the book who wanted to play his guitar. In the movie, they made him more angry and short tempered and the only profanity I heard, came from him. I was disappointed that the movie maker took that spin on his character instead of being more sweet and kind hearted. The Details/My Imagination In the book and movie the new church is in an old convenience store. In the book it describes the fact that, in spite of the preacher painting over it, the tiles still have the “Pick Quick” name and logo on them. Though the description of the tiles in the book are not exactly what the movie maker created, it is still a detailed that they both included. Also, when Opal and Gloria Dump decide to have the big town party in Gloria’s backyard, the preparations for it were almost identical. The decorations for the party were just as I imagined they would be and even the food they prepared was exactly the same in both. My Recommendation One recommendation I have for making the movie better is to develop the friendships she makes with the community on a higher level. The friendships are almost her savior in the book. The makers of the movie simply touch on just a small bit of how important the townsfolk’s friendships were to her. It also did not focus on Opal’s need to know more about her mamma. Most things she did in the book reflected something about her mamma. However, it didn’t portray that in the movie. My Final Thoughts: I feel that the movie and the book are a great compliment to each other. I wasn’t disappointed that something was left out of the book or that the movie maker took too many liberties and changed the majority story elements. I’m also surprised that I can say that even though the ending (when they find the dog) is different in both, it is similar enough that it doesn’t matter.
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