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Oracle Sales Academy - Habits for High Performance at Oracle

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Anthony Cessario

on 15 September 2015

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Transcript of Oracle Sales Academy - Habits for High Performance at Oracle

An action framework for supporting your immediate success and career growth at Oracle

Anthony Who?
Some Background...
Quick Introduction
- 10 Habits worth forming
- Brainstorming exercise
- 3 Keys to focus on
Keys to Your Success
Our Goals for Today
Key Take-Aways
Business Development
Sales Process
Calling on Executives
How we help companies...
Industry/Domain Knowledge
Habits that lead to continued success
Earning the right to be a trusted adviser
Leveraging Oracle's relationships & resources to the fullest
Expanding/solidifying the Oracle footprint
Providing insights for the future, not solutions for the present
- If nothing else, I want you to
leave here with three action items
that you’ll commit to completing in order to be successful in FY14.

Our Goals for Today…
Set You Up for Success
- Send you off with a few tools/nuggets
- Send you off with a
for success

(whatever that means to you)
Identify Clear Next Steps
“I never received a promotion in my life that I could not trace directly to recognition that I had gained by rendering more service and better service than that for which I was paid.” – Napoleon Hill
Keys to your

ALWAYS do more than you are paid for.
Critical Thinking & Creativity
“Concentration is the ability to think as you wish to think; the ability to control your thoughts and direct them to a definite end; and the ability to organize your knowledge into a plan of action that is sound and workable.” – Napoleon Hill
Analyze all angles, put yourselves in others shoes and don't get caught using only the first problem solving tool that comes to mind
You have 150 seconds to write down 30 or more ideas for how to improve foot traffic for lunch b/w Mayer Theater and Benson Center.

Brainstorming Activity: 5min Exercise

Keys to Effective Brainstorming
- Suspend all judgment
- Good Ideas = Bad Ideas!
- Respect and build off other’s opinions
of Ideas
Brainstorming Activity: 5min Exercise
In your groups, pick your roles:
Note Taker
(write EVERY idea down. Fast)
: Ensure everyone participates and makes sure not a single idea get’s left off.
Our lives are a series of habits; good, bad or indifferent. The great thing is that you can control them.

10 Habits for Success
Controlling Your Habits –
- Long term (5-10yr) goals allow you to put your future in focus. Goal alignment then gives you the framework for your 3yr, 1yr, quarterly, monthly and weekly goals.
10 Habits for Success
Setting, Aligning & Tracking Goals –
“If you’re not working towards a vision, you’re just working.”
- Setting goals is the first step towards translating your vision in to a reality.
- Well defined goals that are specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time oriented (SMART) are not just a roadmap, they are more a GPS of sorts on your journey towards high performance.
10 Habits for Success
Actions Speak Louder Than Words –
“You either schedule time for an activity, and then do it. Or, you don’t. There is no in between.” - Stephen Covey
No matter how good your intentions are, if you don’t set actionable next steps on your ideas, promises, goals or anything else of importance to you; you will not only fail to get done everything you hoped (or committed to), but the things you do end up completing will be more hurried and of a lesser quality.

10 Habits for Success
Accountability –
- Find an accountability partner or group to hold you accountable to your goals.

10 Habits for Success
Know thy time and live by thy calendar –
Nothing leaves the calendar until its completed.
Your calendar becomes the sacred holder of all that is important to you, and you must treat it as such.
10 Habits for Success
Be Commitment Focused –
When making commitments to others, or when asking other to make commitments to you; identify and agree upon the
conditions of satisfaction
, follow through on the commitment and then verify satisfaction with the other party.
"Your only as good as your commitments."
Conditions of Satisfaction =
What needs to be done?
How will it be measured?
What resources will be supplied?
Action Loop for Commitments
10 Habits for Success
Balance –
- Identify each area in your life that is important to you (ex. Boyfriend/Husband, Father, Son, Extended Family, Health, Personal Development, Community, Current Career Role, Career Ambitions, etc…) and apply these same principles to each area.
"High performance is a way of life, not a way of working."
10 Habits for Success
Energy and its fundamental source –
- The difference is that the world class athletes don’t have an off switch, they plan their entire day around the energy needed to compete at the highest levels.

These athletes focus not only on performance, but also on rest and replenishment.
We must do the same if we plan on competing at the highest levels in the corporate arena.
"Your body is your vessel for high performance, treat it as such."
- “Corporate Athletes”
- High performance is a cyclical process that consists of:
10 Habits for Success
Tools of the Trade –
"If you can't find the right tools, make your own!"
- There are all kinds of tools out there to help you in each of these areas. However, if you can’t find any that you like just create your own.

- Example: Action Report
10 Habits for Success
Be Greedy by Helping Others –
- Not to mention... Once you do this, doors of every shape and size begin opening across the organization.

- You hear the term “win-win” quite often in sales, but nothing quite exemplifies this concept more than proactively helping others succeed on a daily basis.

"The fastest way to help yourself is by helping others."
How'd we do?
A few Sales (Sandler) Tools...
Dummy Curve
Pendulum Selling

"Well, we don’t use Outlook. We use Gmail. We do not utilize goals in our organization, our president doesn’t believe in them and as a CPA in my previous life, building reports each week is the only way I get my hands on data for the company. Are you telling me they wont need me to do that anymore?
The Dummy Curve…
At the beginning of the dummy curve, you do really well when you first start selling b/c you don’t know enough about the things you're selling to tell the prospect really anything. All you can do is ask questions and listen.
The Dummy Curve… New Sales Person (Dummy)
"What else do you see a tool like this doing in a perfect world?"
In this situation, we did not discuss a single aspect of the product, just asked questions and learned what's important to the prospect.
"We need a talent management application. Can Oracle's solution help my manager's write their performance reviews?"
"I'm not quite sure. Is that something that is important to you?"
"Yes. All the other systems I've looked at can do that."
"Oh wow. Ok. Must be important then. Is this something your manager's requested, or is it something that you feel they need?"
"How do you picture this working in a perfect scenario?"
"Can you help me understand the value that both you and your managers will get from this functionality?"
However, as you learn more about the products you start asking less questions and beginning assuming you know exactly what the customers needs, then you end up telling more than listening.
The Dummy Curve… Experienced Sales Person
Honestly, Anthony. Not quite sure there's a fit here. Thank you."
"We need a talent management application. Can Oracle's solution help my manager's write their performance reviews?"
"Absolutely. We have a really easy to use writing assistant."
"Ok. All the other systems I've looked at can do that as well. What else do you have?"
"Well, we have automatic reminders, an outlook plug in, goal setting, and we can even have reports automatically sent to managers. "
Ultimately, when you get very comfortable selling you revert back to playing dumb, even though you have all of that knowledge in your back pocket ready at all times.

The conversation would be much more like the first one, only pro-actively.
Pendulum (Negative Reverse) Selling
"We really need an applicant tracking system… Can Oracle help?"
"Honestly, I'm not quite sure? Would you mind helping me understand why you feel you need one?"
"We are doing tons of hiring and managing it all on paper! An applicant tracking solution would really help."
How much is a lot of hiring?"
"We're bringing on 10-20 new people every month in each location."
"Wow. That is a lot; must be an exciting time. It sounds like the company is growing significantly. Is now really the right time to change what you're doing? Especially if it's working so well..."
"Anthony, I have to approve every single one of those hires. There are literally hundreds of resumes on my desk. My CEO is asking me to implement succession planning across the entire leadership team this year, sifting through and approving resumes is the last thing I have time for right now. I need this done and I need it done yesterday."
It takes momentum to get to 3 o'clock.

Things in motion stay in motion. Sooner or later it will come down, and we don't know when.

You want to get behind the pendulum and get them to swing back to 3 o'clock so you control the timing and momentum.

Make them convince YOU, that they need Oracle.
Negative prospects require the ULTIMATE reverse.

Have fun
stay emotionally unattached
"Let me save you some time, I hate Oracle and I'm not interested in anything Oracle has."
"Well, this will likely be a very short conversation then...
However, would you mind sharing just maybe 30 seconds or so and we can get this over with?"
I'll be honest, I really don't like making these calls any more than you like getting them.
The sooner you accept this and appreciate the value in being able to put habits in place around virtually any behavior that you wish to start, stop or change; the sooner you take control of your life and everything in it (including your sales career).
If it’s important, decide what the first step is to getting it done and then schedule time for it.
Important items get actioned. Action items go on the calendar. Anything you put on the calendar gets done or rescheduled to a better time. Period.
- For each one of my weekly goals (whether it be around sales, development, health, family, etc.) I decide on 1-3 actionable items and they all go on my calendar.
- If they don’t get done, I immediately re-schedule the activity for another open time that week.
- Soon after I graduated, a close friend and I made a commitment to meet one day a week and discuss anything from job searching, to business ideas, to workout routines and girlfriend troubles.

- Just over 3 years later, that meeting is still one of the focal points of my week and together we have achieved almost every major goal that we have put in place since.
- For me, it is this balance that allows me to always remember why I’m working so hard and gives me the energy needed to stay focused each day.
Why I'm working so hard...
This is important
. You should be able to stop at any moment and know exactly why it is your willing to work harder than anyone else (or not).
Doing this will not only save you time and energy, it will also show others that you can always be counted on.
- Sales has its ups and downs. Creating habits around helping others will not only allow you to stay positive through the downs, it will also allow you to feel good about what you're doing when you go home at night.
When I say "GO!"
- In an entry level sales role, we’re actually putting in more hours than any world class athlete is.
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