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Celebrations and Commemorations

C2C History

Tenille Cossor

on 19 January 2014

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Transcript of Celebrations and Commemorations

Celebrations and Commemorations

1. What is a celebration?
2. What kind of things do we celebrate?
3. What is a commemoration?
4. What kind of things do we commemorate?
Now... what's the difference between a celebration and a commemoration?
A celebration is an event that is festive, joyous and respectful. During a
celebration people remember and celebrate an event by participating in
special activities. For example, Independence Day, held on the 4th of July in the United States of
America is a celebration which recognises when this country became
its own nation, separate from Britain. Many people in the United States
celebrate this event with fireworks.

New Years
Australia Day
Valentines Day
St Patrick's Day
A commemoration is about remembering either a person or event.
What about commemorations?
Focus Questions
Your task: In pairs, write down all the celebrations you know of. E.g. birthday
Can you think of any commemorations?
Commemorative Days
When someone dies we usually commemorate their death. That is, we get together and remember that person.
ANZAC Day- we remember those who fought and died for our country.
Remembrance Day- this is a day where we remember those who lost their lives in war.
Sorry Day- on this day we remember and commemorate Aboriginals who were mistreated.
For many people living in Australia, Australia Day is a day where people come together and celebrate the first settlement in Australia. It is also a day for people to come together and celebrate our country and our culture.
To many Aboriginal people there is little to celebrate and it is a commemoration of a deep loss. Loss of their rights to their land, loss of family, loss of the right to practice their culture.

Many Aboriginal people call it ‘Invasion Day’, ‘Day of Mourning’, ‘Survival Day’ or, since 2006, ‘Aboriginal Sovereignty Day’.
Different Views
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