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valuing every member at every stage of their journey

John McKessar

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of BJMcK090911

Member Care
30 members in ministry in Asia,
another 8 in New Zealand
and 17 TCKs
As a sending country we need to ensure OMF New Zealand treats enquirers, members and their families
“. . . with love, care and respect. It involves consideration of their physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs, throughout their term of service, so that they can find their ministry fulfilling and be effective in doing God’s will . . . . .
The point of member care is to launch and sustain resilient individuals in successful ministry.”
Global Connections, UK. http://www.globalconnections.co.uk/
Knell, Marion. (2006). Burn-up or Splash Down. Authentic Books.
Taylor, William, ed. (1997).Too valuable to lose. Pasadena, CA: William Carey
Next Steps:
We need people engaging, supporting, mentoring and
standing with our members before we need
DVDs, books and training protrams.
Monitoring and tracking helps
ensure personnel are not missed
at critical stages of their journey in ministry.
Home Assignment
a beneficial time of:
and an opportunity to seek God’s will for the future
Support While Serving
to enable each person to:
function well in the ministry and
develop their potential
Moving On
support is offered when personnel
move on to the next stage of their life
Permanent return home
Children or young people move to a new location without their parents (for school or university)
I'm very thankful to my parents.
They always made time to talk with us,
and do fun things as a family.
II grew spiritually because I was always seeing faith in action.
I remember facing a lot of harassment from fellow students because of my nationality. School would have been unbearable, had I not had one close Indonesian friend in my class.
I was a pent up and frustrated teenager with enormous ambitions and seemingly no way of realizing them, stuck up in rural, northern Japan and isolated from the English speaking world.
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